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Gutter reflection art. Look down. #gutterart #dtla #stvincentscourt
Arkturo, the Turkish man in St Vincent’s Court here in downtown LA said I’ll be sorry I didn’t get 6 to go! He was wrong; I wish I had gotten 8! It’s called baklava because you love it so much you want to go back for more! #baklava #stvincentscourt #dtla #historicdtla
The waves were barely a ripple, although Bozcaada is known for perpetual breeze from the Aegean; the trees never stop dancing and the air always replenish anew. And if your hair is long enough, it’s as if you are floating and swimming underwater like landlocked mermaids from Atlantis risen from the sea. Your spirit drifts along the shores, like flotsam and jetsam hearts strewn asunder shipwreck by happenstance, of ocean undercurrents driven by the moon and the rotation of the earth. In some indirect way, our fate seems to hold allegiance to the stars and heaven itself... I search for answers in the vacuum of sand and sea; how they caress and smooth out the footprints of our intimate presence. In the end, we are all invisible, erased by the rising of the tides, and a fresh canvas for others to paint a love story on the sand at low tide... #bozcaada #islandblues #aegeansea #wishisland
Knocks on neighbors door down the hall. Hey, can you take my picture? It’s Vampire night tonight at the club. Damn! So glad you knocked on my door to take pics. Makes me feel like we have a neighborhood community, at least on this floor. Hehe, us nightowls have to stick together... #neighbors #nightowl #vampires #lostboysandgirls
On a pale horse I ride round and round dead or alive, on the carousel apocalypse. #bonjovi #rattroundandround #paris #onapalehorse
Paris storefront display. #paris #parisstorefronts #storefrontdisplay
Istanbul taxi ride. #istanbul #turkey
One of the take-aways from Blade Runner is how easy it was to accept the notion of Artificial Intelligence having a “soul”. It was curious how readily we accept the illusion however taboo. Imagination is sometimes more tolerant and objective than how we are in reality. Resistance is futile... #bladerunner2049 #bladerunner #ladecompression #resistanceisfutile #terminator #ghostintheshell #artificialintelligence #burningman
Last night, Lords of Acid concert. Today, corporate lunch team meeting. #doublelife #lifeofanarchitect #contrast
At the Lords of Acid show last night with @emi_sushi. Singer, Mea got us fellow VELPers on the guest list and introduced us to her band! #iwearsunglassesatnight #lordsofacid #fondatheatre #hollywood #hollywoodisaverb
I got quoted. 😊 #Repost @discoverla ( @get_repost) ・・・ 📷 @svendsania | [On falling in love with L.A.] "Was it when I worked at the Observatory and we partied on the roof after closing and watched the sun rise in the East? Or was it when I set up a candlelight dinner table for two on the Southern Observation Deck? That's how you romance the city you fall in love with." - @sirus_bigtoe ⭐ What's your favorite memory of L.A.? Tell us your story in the comments. #discoverLA
When you cry lying down, your tears pool to drown your eyes. It’s as if the hemisphere of your eyes become an island with the tide rising as the moon passes overhead, and you waddle in the shallows of melancholy, until you realize your island has shrunk to nothing, and then you’re drowning in sorrow, and it’s too late... Then you get out of bed, and the ocean is drained. #eyeballisland #island #oceanoftears #drowninginsorrow Not my photo: Photographer unknown.
My foodie friend had a terrarium for lunch. #mintwater #terrarium #dtla
Saw Douglas aka Kokopelli meditating and said, hey let’s shoot a video! Never a dull moment at the circle. #venicebeach #venicebeachdrumcircle #neveradullmoment #silhouettedance
Paris tunnel. #paristunnel #paris
Grand Bazaar Istanbul. #grandbazaar #grandbazaaristanbul
Cactus garden at Dept of Water and Power / John Ferraro bldg. #johnferrarobuilding #departmentofwaterandpowerbuilding #johnferrarobuilding #dtla
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