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Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now ~ Eckhart Tolle ❤️ Al Badayer
Nothing worth having comes easy 🙌🏼🎬 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
"Your feelings are the best compass you can ever have" ~ @soulbraille 💙 . Sharing my last photo from the series with @lggulf - stay tuned for the video! #LGG6 #LGG6Fam #LGG6Gulf #LGG6IX #ad Hatta, United Arab Emirates
Anywhere I would follow you 🌌🖤🌌 #milkywaychasers 👽🍼 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
"A heart will reflect the reality of the heart it keeps company with" - Ali bin Abi Talib رَضي الله عَنه 💙 . Shot with the @lggulf 🤳🏼I love the wide angle option in the camera that gives you that 14mm look 🙌🏼 #LGG6Fam #Lgg6gulf #ad #Hudaville Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Cali sunsets 🌄 Battery Spencer
Westcoast beach walks 🌁💙 Baker Beach
Postcard from a G6 🛩 . @lggulf #LGG6 #lgg6Gulf #partner Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Some places, feel like home feels👽🌌🌚 . Exploring the desert with friends, huge shoutout to @beedii for organising this epic trip 🙌🏼 #WHPcolorstudy #canon_photos Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Race against time 🚆💨 . filmed with the new #lgg6 @LgGulf #LGG6Gulf Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I'm in a New York State of mind 🖤✨ Midtown East, Manhattan
This time last year. Time really does fly⏳🕊 . 📸: @classysavant 😇 Lotte New York Palace
Sunset views💫 | Join me this evening for a special Photo Lab at the Apple Store Dubai Mall, Downtown from 7pm ~ 8:30pm to kick off the launch of #PhotoLabDXB and #TodayatApple. If you haven't RSVP'd yet, sign up link is in my bio! In partnership with @vsco #vsco Dubai, United Arab Emirates
How many times can you revisit a location before you run out of shots? Can't wait to talk more about this on Tuesday🙃 ➡️sign up link in my bio⬅️ . In partnership with @VSCO #TodayatApple #vsco #PhotoLabDXB The Index
I've got some pretty exciting news guys! As part of Apple's launch of Today at Apple, I've partnered with them and VSCO to host a special Photo Lab session at the Apple Store, Downtown Dubai. . Join me next Tuesday May 23rd, at 7pm-8:30pm at the Apple Store as we kick off Today at Apple around the world. I can't wait to share my journey with you; how I got started with photography, and host a keynote on finding new perspectives and developing your style. There's a workshop element too, so bring your iPhones! . Sign up link in my bio, spaces are limited. In collaboration with @Apple and @VSCO #vsco #todayatapple #PhotoLabDXB Apple Store, Dubai Mall
High above rush hour, before rush hour 🏙🌪 shot with the super wide #LGG6 @lggulf 😍 #LGG6Gulf #LGGulf Dubai, United Arab Emirates
If you could fly anywhere right now, where would you go? ✈️ #ChasingIlyushin Abandoned Places
Downtown views 🏙 💙 @armaniexchange #AXpointofview #AXchange #Axdenim #axss17 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Exploring an ice factory with this young Jedi 👽let's get her to 10k ❤️ Abandoned Places
Forever location scouting💆🏻👗 with @armaniexchange #Axpointofview #AXchange #axss17 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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