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Elise!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST SISTER EVER! i've gotten to spend these past 12 years with you and there is no one else like you. I love hanging out with you, playing ping pong with you and getting to be with you! when guys start to show up at our door they better get through dad and I first. love ya sis ❀️❀️
asthetic vibesssss maaaaaaaan, cause i'm still gonna send it
 Paul Frank Store
spongebob glasses + ninja turtles sweat bands // i've known this kid since we were 1. we have a fun week ahead. go check out my new video about some old videos of us and how we grew up together.
fun photoshoot today with @william.franklyn.miller and @pobedavika the professional πŸ“· are coming soon.
quick clips from my new video // go check out the full video in my bio 🏝🏝
 Hidden Beach - Marrieta Island Mexico
they said we couldn't make it, but then we pull up 🏎 skirt skirt
That's a wrap! This is Justine Bateman and she directed a film called "Push" that was based on a short story that @holidayreinhorn wrote. My mom and dad grew up watching Justine on Family Ties and was so much fun getting to work alongside her on this project. She was the director and star of the film and is amazing. I'm grateful for these opportunities.
 Canyon Country, Santa Clarita, California
I usually don't get starstruck but today was different. i hopped off a plane and rushed over as fast as I could to the @thisislany pop up, (I was really sad because I thought I wasn't going to be able to go). After I bought the merch, put it on and took a photo, Paul asked if they could take a photo of me in the LANY shirt and I was like, YEEEEEEESSSS! They have been signing stuff and taking photos since 3pm and they were still down to talk and were the coolest guys. UNBELIEVABLE πŸ€™πŸ»
hidden island? found it 🏝
 Hidden Beach, Marietas Islands
 Hidden Beach, Marietas Islands
mexico day #1 πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ was amazing #chillinginmexico
 W Punta De Mita
I have been listening to LANY since one of their first songs, "ILYSB" and I have quickly become one of their biggest fans. I listened to their new album that came out last night on repeat. I know that it sounds odd but seeing LANY in concert two times and listening to their music has made an impact on my life. from pink skies and quit (my two favorite songs from their old EP) and now, it was really hard for me to choose my top 3 song because all of them are great but here are my top 3 songs SO FAR from their new album "LANY". 1. Super Far 2. Purple Teeth 3. Hurts 4. also "Flowers on the Floor" or "Good Girls" and "Dumb Stuff" or just go listen to the full album because it is amazing. @thisislany @pauljasonklein
C O U S I N S 🌊🌊 beach day has just started
 The Beach of Huntington
My friend sent me this link to @officialbradlee YouTube video where he was trying to guess my age. They thought I was 19. Link in profile
day #1 of ENCOUNTER was πŸ”₯ ready for today #hillsonglayouth2017 #ncntr17
Best times of my life and I'll never forget you guys. Love you all. New YouTube video up now from my graduation.
So excited for this one πŸ”₯
even though this guy is my dad, I can still woop his butt at ping pong love ya dad
didn't cop anything but @fearofgod garage sale was dope. @jerrylorenzo is making something amazing.
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