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I love celebrating people in my life! This account is made to encourage, celebrate and share some great moments in my life

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FaceTime is amazing. You get to connect with people you love. Miss and love you @alec2austin. Can’t believe it’s been almost 6 years!!
The #warhol of #trumancapote will be mine! Obsessed with it. Thanks @thomasjhilfiger and @mrshilfiger for a beautiful night! Absolutely love you both!❤️💙❤️💙 Always love my #1 👬 @bradleyryan_ for being there with me.
 Julien's Auctions
Loved getting to know this great man! Unexpected lunch! Totally worth it
Love this pic of my grandfather and Fred Astaire. He was so respected, such a hard worker and I hope to only be half the man he was.
What an incredible night! Sometimes the stars align to get an amazing group like this together. It was a perfect night! Rich Makowsky, @christinamakowsky, Kimi Applegate @mrshilfiger @thomasjhilfiger @lisavanderpump, Ken Todd, @bradleyryan_ and @dr.evanantin
 Bel Air, Los Angeles
A year ago today I posted this picture. And it’s just as scary today to repost it as it was then. But I think it’s important to be real about my weight loss journey. Losing weight is not always pretty. My journey has been life changing. A year later I have kept all the weight off and continue to work on my health. Here’s to #transformationtuesday and to being healthier every day!
Love my time with @erabon! Thanks for coming to see my new place during your quick time here.
I have to say #desithepom is one lucky dog to have @dr.evanantin as a vet. Amazing man and amazing vet. This guy has a huuuuge heart for animals!
One of my best friends! 19 years in the making. Love you @jordancarlyle30! No matter how much time passes it’s like no time has passed!! Here’s to 10 more
 Pump Restaurant
I love using things you already have to recreate rooms in your house. Repurposing things to make a room feel new. This is the perfect Saturday!!
 Bel Air, Los Angeles
I think #desithepom thinks he is a cat. How do I break the news to him?
 Bel Air, Los Angeles
I am surrounded by so much amazing talent and love in my life. I am so grateful for the people who constantly flood me in love. Take a moment to share with those you love that you love them!!
Always great and unexpected convos with @whitsupwithyou. Learn a ton every time. Sweet man and great heart
To see how our friendship has grown over the last year is amazing. Love you @jordancockeram! I know we drive each other crazy but don’t the best friendships do that? 😂
 Sunset Plaza, Sunset Blvd
My beautiful mother has been my rock my whole life. She is the strongest, most loving, kind, giving and truly an amazing woman. She has always been my biggest cheerleader, and I truly am so grateful for her. She exudes what it means to be a truly remarkable person. As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Love you mom. You are my hero!
A true friend knows the song of your heart and sings you back the words when you have forgotten them. @bmervis90 knows my heart song. He has been there through thick and thin.
What a fun shoot with @andrewgoesplaces. Excited to see him in the pages of @bhlmagazine. @shinebysho is a woman of many talents. Her work is exceptional. Can’t wait to celebrate her work as well.
What a special night supporting @vanderpumpdogs and their premier of #roadtoyulinandbeyond documentary with these amazing peeps! So proud of @lisavanderpump and all her hard work and the entire team that made this happen. This documentary was hard to watch because of the content, but necessary and this has to stop!
Great day claiming, dreaming and riding some awesome roller coasters. @andrewgoesplaces and I had a great day!
This is exactly what our Editor in Chief should look like. Always perfectly dressed and poised! Love you @lisavanderpump
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