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phhs 2018 | Stiddy Vibration ☯️

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Lovely morning at the beach, with such a beautiful person. 🌊🌊🚣‍♀️ #missionbay #love #kyaking #rip
Oh it was a beautiful day ☀️☀️☀️☀️ #balboapark, why I love you so. #adventure #love # rip
Such a nice place to be, surrounded by nothing but good positive vibes. Love is in the air #goodvibes #love #rebelution #mattressfirmamphitheatre #rip
Well, I'm glad to be alive, especially after what happened. There must be something out there that pulls and push things into order or in place. #moveforward #love #faith #rip
Well it was nice, beautiful day, beautiful faces and wonderful people. Great way to celebrate for another year of life #expresstodestress #united #rip
Wonderful day, alone, it's my birthday, letting go of dead weight. Things are really falling into place... ✨beautiful #love #cowlesmountain #rip
Can you see it? The beauty of everything is that tomorrow is always another day, whether to fail or succeed. Either way, there's no best way but forward. #47 #positivethinking
Let's be honest, life isn't the greatest thing that is given to us. Yet at the same time it is, see that's a problem that people have at times. Just trying to distinguish the good and the bad, what's ethical and what's not. Although, while we carry on in our lives we find things, things with value and it can come in many forms. Whether it's a human that allows you in their life to spark a change. Or a simple rock that can teach you the beauties of life, even the obstacles and adversaries that we face, it's only a matter of time before we see the light or travel into the dark again. It's doesn't matter who you are, we all have something to share with each other, whether it's pain, humor, fun, morals, words, space or even love. Which in my case, this is who I'm talking about in the picture. Although there's been time when we are against each other, or hurt each other, in the end some how some way...we understand after a while. Which is something I absolutely love about Chloe. To be completely honest, I'm not the best person around, there's nothing really special about me other than me, which may sound weird but that's for everyone. Yet, she still managed to see things in me and bring a different side of me out in the open, although it was weird, I appreciate everything she done for me. I try to express myself entirely but somehow I still manage to be so cryptic but other than that I truly love everything about her and there's no one who can shift my mind on that belief. So as a human and friend, I love you Chloe and I hope that the forest we planted continues to grow and even if it goes go south or ideas get twisted or conflict arises, remember Roots will find our ways back home. #beauty
What a place ☯️🎤 #longbeach #peaceofmind
 Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center
Come to a place...where hatred is rejected and wisdom is respected ☯️ #onelovefestival #longbeach #rip
 One Love Cali Reggae Fest 2017
Out off all, I'm really proud of @petty_whispers_ only on her second day of snowboarding she managed to go down a single diamond make it from the peak down to the bottom. Just one step at a time to get better, am I right? #mammothmountain #snowboarding #rip
Never really tried jumps but you should have seen the air that some of the competitors caught 🌬🏂 #mammothmountain #rip #snowboarding
Just looking like a marshmallow...going down a mountain❄️🏂❄️ #mammothmountain #rip #snowboarding
 Mammoth Lakes, California
Is it okay to personify the ocean? Cause at this point she may be the only one who can understand #ocean🌊 #rip
(You know...I was about to put a BW filter but your skin color practically looked like copy paper) I know you're salty with me rn but I'm sorry. A while back I had a post about you but I took it down cause I wiped my account, kms. There is honestly so much to say but I'll keep it short so I don't bore the FUCK out of you. This is the 100th time you've heard this but you'll hear it 100 times more and mostly likely even more. I thank you, for everything that you've done, and I appreciate every single thing, our relationship, my time spent with you, and all the times you've been there whether it was bad and good cause hey you can't have one without the other. Our arguments, and fights to the family love that we share, even though I can be an asshole and let's be honest, you can be a bitch...but I mean, that's the best part, am I right, you know what I'm talking about. From the computer class, to lunch, to the hallway and the locker room in middle school. Through the troubles of freshman year following with the misunderstanding and misconceptions along with the amendment of sophomore year, till where we are now. It's pretty far, days turn into weeks, weeks to months, months to years and before you know it, we will be 30 in our own situations and still either working or fighting with each other, so isn't that just the beauty of it.... #rip #family #bff
You know, I usually don't post pictures of myself but hey, it's only a matter of time before another pops up. #seaportvillage #rip ☯️
With my cousin @annajoaaan at the #fishmarket in #seaportvillage best opportunity I can have to spend time with my family❤️
Had a wonderful night with @eliananalani at the #sublimewithrome concert, I hope to do it again at the next one #thedirtyheads #tribalseeds #bleeker
Late post, my little cousin/cousins finally came down from Valencia, he's only one of the many. If there's one thing that's positive from this, is that I get to finally reconnect with my family, since I never got the opportunity to do so in the past. Also one thing I cherish the most, is love, especially with my family, when the opportunity is given and taken. @blaster1439 I love you bro #love #family (ignore the hobo outfit 😜)
Applying to humans on an emotional state...no matter how far you are from the one you love, your true feelings will never fluctuate. Same idea applies with family and or your closest friends, time and distance is only a test for how long you can persevere; mentally, physically and emotionally.
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