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Into chaos we climb. There comes a point where you need to try new things and experiment. That's what exactly went down here. I came across @couturemask and felt inspired. I've been wanting to climb out of my comfort zone and into creative chaos. So last weekend I met up with some models, the designer and some photog friends. Going into the shoot I knew we needed a Gotham like atmosphere to really give the photos that much more of a story. Hope you enjoy. #ThyArtIsMurder #AGameofTones #PortraitGames
 New York, New York
My favorite part about photography has to be the experience. These past few years taking photos have to be some of the best times of my life. When I'm older and look back at my work, what's going to matter most is the people I've met and moments we shared. I recently moved up to the middle of nowhere, NY while I sort out my next move(NYC). It's been a very peaceful time but I haven't had many people to share it with. Today, @omgitsbrittanyy and @laurenlicari came thru and we adventured to Sparrow Bush/Hawks Nest. It's a place that I never thought would exist in NY. Looks straight out of Switzerland. We went down to the river then back up the side of the mountain which has this awesome road/view for the sunset. While there wasn't the best sunset, it felt great to get out, create, adventure and share times with some new friends. Moral of the story, get out, shoot and create memories because at the end of the day it's all you really have. Shout out to anyone who made it this far in my caption. I'm not the best writer but I'm trying to get better. #AGameofTones #PortraitGames #SonyAlpha #AlphaCollective
 Sparrow Bush, New York
Spent the past weekend in #NewYorkCity shooting endlessly w/ @_xlr8r_, @so.shauna and more. On Saturday we shot about 7 different models. Sunday came around and we didn't have too many bookings. Right as I switched to @agameoftones and got ready to post, I came across @caitlinnusche's page as she liked a feature. It was the perfect timing! Sent her a DM and we shot about 5 hours later. Our shoot location was Dumbo. As we were shooting, @_xlr8r_ mentioned there was a rooftop we could hit up right there. So we waited for the ground level door to open, headed to the roof and continued the shoot. This shot was taken at that spot. It just goes to show that timing is everything. #AGameofTones #PortraitGames
 DUMBO, Brooklyn
I really want to start doing work with charities and/or foundations. Mental health, animal cruelty, inner city kids who don't have access to art supplies or really anything. If you guys have any suggestions, share in the comments. #AGameofTones #PortraitGames
 New York, New York
In order to get this shot we had to dodge security(who kicked us out twice) and yell at the random people just hanging out in the hallway to move. Do it for the gram. #AGameofTones #PortraitGames #SonyAlpha #AlphaCollective
 Los Angeles, California
I can hear the calling. #Northlane #AGameofTones #PortraitGames #SonyAlpha #AlphaCollective
 San Francisco, California
What an epic #WestCoastTour this has been. Over the past 5 days I taught workshops in #LA and #SF, hosted instameets in both cities, met so many new faces along the way and reconnected with some old. Feeling super inspired and can't wait for what's next. Shout out to @avkinder and @forgetbrennan for joining me on the journey, @jude_allen for holding it down with us at the SF workshop and meet up, @oscarwastaken & @independentcbh for their help with the SF meetup, @conquer_la @elroobs and @6amlosangeles for holding it down with us at the LA meetup, @ai.visuals for showing us around and being the best host ever, @eye.c for being the best SF host, @hexbrand for providing our editing location for the LA #ShootEditLearn workshop, @mazdausa for providing us with a #Mazda6 to travel around, @mstrwatches for supporting the whole journey and lastly thank you to everyone who came out to the meet ups or workshops or has supported me. Without you all none of this would be possible. Until next time! #AGameofTones #PortraitGames
 Santa Monica Pier
The #SF #ShootEditLearn workshop and #WestCoastTour instameet was so awesome. Thanks to everyone who came out! Today we're heading back down to #LA to host the next meet up! Stay tuned. #AGameofTones #PortraitGames #SonyAlpha #AlphaCollective
 San Francisco, California
L.A. nights and lights w/ @angela_mazzanti, @avkinder, @ai.visuals & @madelinemonet Cali has been amazing so far. Our first LA #ShootEditLearn workshop was a success! Special thanks to everyone who signed up. Now off to San Fran w/ @avkinder and @forgetbrennan. Today we'll be teaching the SF #ShootEditLearn workshop along with the legend @jude_allen! Monday is our SF instameet and Tuesday is the LA instameet. Stay tuned. #AGameofTones #PortraitGames #SonyAlpha #AlphaCollective
 Los Angeles, California
Heading to the west coast tomorrow and I am so fricken stoked! Stay tuned for the adventure which I'll be sharing in my stories. Here's the lineup #ShootEditLearn Workshops 8/5: #LosAngeles 8/6: #SanFrancisco Link in bio for more details and tickets! #WestCoastTour Instameets 8/7: #SF @ Battery Spencer 6-8:30 8/8: #LA @ Santa Monica Beach 6-8:30 Sponsored by @mstrwatches Check the tagged pages on this image to see who I'll be linking up with along the way! #AGameofTones #PortraitGames #SonyAlpha #AlphaCollective #CommunityFirst
 New York, New York
I'm always gone with the wind. #Architects #AGameofTones #PortraitGames #SonyAlpha #AlphaCollective
 New York
Find your way to the light and fight the will to give in. It's sink or swim. #TheAmityAffliction #AGameofTones #PortraitGames #SonyAlpha #AlphaCollective
 New York
The more I give in, the more it haunts me. #TheGhostInside #AGameofTones #PortraitGames #SonyAlpha #AlphaCollective
Your fingers are like daggers, tearing me apart. #AfterTheBurial #AGameofTones #PortraitGames #SonyAlpha #AlphaCollective
But can you look within and find what is in store? #Periphery #AGameofTones #PortraitGames #SonyAlpha #AlphaCollective
I can only try my best just to let it go. #Periphery #AGameofTones #PortraitGames #SonyAlpha #AlphaCollective
 Chinatown, Manhattan
One life to live. Make it count. #AGameofTones #PortraitGames #SonyAlpha #AlphaCollective
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