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We all have something worth walking away from, and we all have something worth walking towards. __________________________ I want to give a thank you to everyone involved in the last week with the @agameoftones @portraitgames #WestCoastTour and #ShootEditLearn events. Thank you to our sponsors @mstrwatches for giving us the leads to make the entire schedule possible, @mazdausa for letting @kingy_kings and I arrive on time with their newest #Mazda6 Grand Touring, and @hexbrand for our editing location in Los Angeles. My most thanks to all of our great friends who helped make this trip be as best as it could, and for giving us a hand in each leg. The Tones Team: @jude_allen and @ai.visuals Our host in SF: @eye.c Video: @forgetbrennan @the_lost_coast Meet-Up Co Hosts: @nowrongwaysf @streetsofsf @conquer_la Models: @karicassandra @sarahcurr @mackenzie_thoma @cyndalmckay @kira_conley @carlybelle_ __________________________ Model: @madelinemonet #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #LAPhotographer
 Santa Monica Pier
Back in LA! Can't wait to see how today's meetup turns out in Santa Monica! Yesterday was incredible at Battery Spencer. Thank you to everyone that showed up! People ask a lot if camera gear matters, ask for settings, lenses, technical setups etc. Truth is, if you know what you're doing, an iPhone can be just as dangerous as a medium format. This was shot late last night with my iPhone and a prism. Edited in VSCO mobile and Lightroom mobile. __________________________ Model: @carlybelle_ #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #SF #SanFrancisco #SFPhotographer
 San Francisco, California
This past weekend has been such a dream. Traveling up and down California, hanging out with my dope friends, and still being able to call it "work". Life has totally changed since I decided to put my foot down and stick to my guns with my creative passions. Haven't looked back since. __________________________ Model: @sarahcurr #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #LosAngeles #LA #ShootEditLearn
 Walt Disney Concert Hall
I need more tattoos. Anyone else? 😈 Today is Round II of the #ShootEditLearn workshops! @kingy_kings and I are excited to be in Los Angeles spending much needed time with the community here. Everyone has been so welcoming! Special shoutout to @ai.visuals for being one badass team member, and an astonishing host. It's going to be a great day, and I'm looking forward to it all! __________________________ Model: @angela_mazzanti #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #LosAngeles #LA
 Downtown Los Angeles
Who inspires you? Tag your favorite accounts! __________________________ Model: @kira_conley #Kinley💫™ #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #Sacramento #SanFrancisco #VisitSacramento
 Sacramento, California
You can have it all but still feel empty inside. Worry about your obsessions, not your possessions. Gratitude for what you already have can go a long way ✨ __________________________ Model: @theoliviarae #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #NYC #NewYork
 Flatiron District, NYC
Words mean nothing, unless the eyes speak them too. __________________________ Model: @meganbeatiernan #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #NYC #NewYork
 New York, New York
🚀 “We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars, now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.” 🚀 __________________________ I'm really excited to share with everyone that I'm taking over the feed at @portraitpage today! The team behind their account ( S/O to @ericmarkdo @tiro_inspired @abel.psd ) are some of the most helpful and welcoming photographers I've met in the community. It's an honor to be put on by them. I stayed up late to write the captions on the posts there, so I hope you'll enjoy them all. Go check it out! 😊 __________________________ Model: @ashleymmartin #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #space #SanDiego #NASA
 Coronado Beach, San Diego, CA
I think about every moment that ever was, every moment that could have been, and it’s suffocating grip leaves me in a coma of eternal sin. 🥀 __________________________ Shoutout to everyone commenting "Inspire one another 🙏🏻" on my posts! You guys keeping an eye out on my IG Stories are the real fam and support! You Inspire ME! __________________________ Model: @kira_conley #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #Sacramento #Kinley💫™
 Sacramento, California
Another incredible Twitch stream. Huge thank you to everyone that tuned in and listened to our chat! I loved being able to share my thoughts back and forth and talk about some really great subjects. The stream is online and accessible on my Twitch account if you missed it! __________________________ Model: @meganbeatiernan #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #NewYorkCity #NYC #DUMBO
 Manhattan Bridge
In your life, people will tell you things you can’t do. Many won’t take you seriously, and you’ll feel like it’s an uphill battle by yourself. It won’t always be that way, and then the tables will turn. Give them a good story to tell when that day comes. __________________________ Model: @kiara_gomez_ #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #NewYorkCity #NYC #Oculus __________________________ 👾 My second TWITCH Live Stream is Tomorrow at 6pm PST. My friend, singer/songwriter @virrofficial will be joining me as we talk about being artists, and other topics. As things speed up I’ll be streaming more than just weekly!Follow me and turn on notifications! Username: AVKinder. 👾
 The Oculus at the World Trade Center
Many times we get distracted by what's in front of us that we fail to see the beauty veiled to our backs. __________________________ Model: @ashleymmartin Installation By: @strl3 at @wonderspaces #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #SanDiego #LaJolla #WonderSpaces #WonderSpacesShadows
 San Diego, California
The sound of the ocean makes you feel like nothing else matters... 🌊 __________________________ Model: @carlybelle_ #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #SanDiego #LaJolla #WHPmood
 La Jolla, California
Have you ever done a photoshoot without make-up before? Cyndal did cause she’s a boss ass biattchhh. Totally murdered it. She was brave and beautiful all at once. In other news, I’m going to get my foot looked at today. It’s been messed up ever since an injury a few months back and it never healed correctly. Hopefully the doctor will have a solution for me. A non-invasive, cost-effective solution. If you read this, drop me a "👣👣👣" in the comments so I know, I’ll check out some profiles. __________________________ Model: @cyndalmckay #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #Sacramento #VisitSacramento #DeathValley @goodinc
 Death Valley National Park
Wow!! Thank you everyone that logged into my Twitch stream tonight. It was great to chat and do some Q&A as well as going through an edit session. Looking forward to what else I can bring to you. Also looking for photographers & models in the San Diego area that want to be on my next stream! Comment below or tag a friend that would be interested. We’ll be doing contests, and some great follow-along ideas were passed around tonight. Thank you guys for stopping by, new friends and old! Can’t wait to keep adding more and more to the stream. It’s just the start 😊 __________________________ Model: @meganbeatiernan #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #NewYorkCity #NYC #DUMBO
 Manhattan Bridge
I need to take a short break from personal work and portraits. I'm finding more fault in my images than good. It's tough to feel satisfied, but that's what pushes me to do more. I look up to guys like @scottborrero and @ravivora who have such a complete sense of color theory, balance, composition, and simplicity. It has me really take a deeper look into what I'm making and seeking where I can improve. __________________________ Model: @theoliviarae #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #NewYorkCity #NYC __________________________ 👾 My first TWITCH Live Stream is Tonight at 6pm PST. I will be doing weekly streams covering interviews, talks, tutorials, and show BTS of photoshoots. I can't wait to have some fun on there with you all, follow me and turn on notifications! Username: AVKinder. 👾 __________________________
 Flatiron District, NYC
One ironic thing about life, The tighter you hold onto something, the faster it tends to slip away... What is one thing you don't want to lose? __________________________ Model: @ashleymmartin #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #SanDiego #Coronado __________________________ 👾 My first TWITCH Live Stream will be this Wednesday at 6pm PST. I will be doing weekly and random streams to do some interviews, talks, tutorials, and show BTS of photoshoots. I can't wait to have some fun on there with you all, so follow me and turn on notifications! Username: AVKinder. 👾
 Coronado Beach
Sith or Jedi? 👹😇 __________________________ 💜 My first TWITCH Live Stream will be this Wednesday at 6pm PST. I will be doing weekly and random streams to do some interviews, talks, tutorials, and show BTS of photoshoots. I love the interactivity users on Twitch have, it's way better than Instagram, so follow me on there, username AVKinder. 💜 __________________________ Model: @savannahsecrest #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames
 Melbourne, Florida
I'll tell you a riddle. You're waiting for a train, a train that will you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you, but you don't know for sure. But it doesn't matter. How can it not matter to you where that train will take you? 💫 The answer to the riddle is in my story 💫 __________________________ Hashtags are broken on @instagram and there hasn't been any news or updates on the issue. If you like this shot, please tag a friend in the comments to spread it! Let's beat the broken app! __________________________ Model: @kiara_gomez_ #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #NewYorkCity #NYC #Oculus
 The Oculus at the World Trade Center
I aim to keep my IG story interactive and entertaining for you all. What would you like to see on there? Comment below and you will get a response! I'm very thankful that you guys are so interactive so I make it a point to respond to everyone! This shot is of the amazing Kira on my most recent trip to the Golden Gate Bridge. __________________________ Model: @kira_conley #Kinley💫™ #AGameOfTones #TheArtysts #PortraitGames Edited with @lightroom and @photoshop __________________________ #TheIMAGED#ArtofVisuals#AOVPortraits#MoodyGrams#MoodyPorts#PortraitCentral#HeaterCentral#WatchThisInstagood#CreateCommune#VSCO#peoplescreatives#realfolklife#PursuitOfPortraits#PortraitPage#PortraitMood#featuremeofh#ftwotw#Ps_Floral#expofilm#featuremeseas#bravogreatphoto#portrait_vision#TheWeekOnInstagram#stayandwander #BeBoundless
 Golden Gate Bridge
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