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Journey somewhere you’re scared to go. 🌴🌊🌴 __________________________ I love Instagram and all of the people in this community. I’ve invested a lot of time growing with you all and getting to know everyone here. I’ll never forget that and what great things have come to me because of it. I’ve been dormant lately on social but I haven’t slowed down in my passions. My classes at UCLA have been going smoothly, my girlfriend @lil_bit_of_wisdom has become one of the best friends I’ve ever had, and I’ve been giving my photography a chance to grow in so many new ways. I’ve been at the drawing board coming up with so many ideas and really having a good hiatus. Soon I’ll be coming out of it and I can’t wait to show you all what’s new. __________________________ Model: @inkashapoval #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #Portland #Oregon
 Portland, Oregon
Take it back, take it way back, take it waay waay back. Looking for some rooftops and lights in LA to do shoots like this again... __________________________ Model: @jazminejolt #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #Seattle
 Seattle, Washington
Parallel lines, is all I can see us being. Sharing every twist and turn together in this journey called life. __________________________ #NewYorkCity #NYC
 New York, New York
Keepin’ it clean __________________________ Model & Style: @herwearabouts #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #LA #LosAngeles
 Los Angeles, California
Back to the most awesome road-trip of the year with my good friend @noel.alva . This is when we made it to Yosemite for an afternoon of adventuring and hiking. Days like this I can never forget, as there was so much bliss in the air, and all of the peace the world could ask for. Growing up in Florida, I’d never been able to witness the magnitude and presence that mountains have. I never take it for granted to be in the presence of these magical geological formations. __________________________ Model: @littlestfox_ #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #NPS #Yosemite #FindYourPark
 Taft Point Yosemite
I’m tired guys. I’m tired of this. Instagram is killing photography. Dare I say that it’s no longer photography on this platform, but rather, entertainers. “Photographers” are out there shooting to get reactions, to fill up their page with likes, comments, and ultimately, the follow. They’re not doing it for art, or strictly for photography’s sake. Hell, 99% of the viral photographs on here are Photoshopped to hell, there’s hardly any original Photography left intact of the final piece. Am I perfect? Hell no. Have I realized I fell into the trap? Yes. Am I changing that? Absolutely. I’m making a career off of this, likes and follows don’t translate to a portfolio that can stand on it’s own in front of Art Directors that have been the innovators and leaders of the industry for decades. I leave you today hoping that I’m able to spread a seed of new thought to you guys, especially the new artists who are just discovering or building their Instagram pages. Let’s take back Instagram and fill it real passion, true creativity, and astounding work. Tell me what you think below. __________________________ Model: @lil_bit_of_wisdom #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #DFW #Dallas #FtWorth
 Dallas, Texas
“A rose must remain with the sun and the rain or its lovely promise won't come true.” __________________________ First day of classes at UCLA! Who else is a student here, alumni? I’m a Design/Media Arts major! 👨🏻‍🎨 __________________________ Model: @kira_conley #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #Kinley💫™ #Sacramento
 Sacramento, California
The golden fill of the sun makes mornings and evenings a careful touch nicer. Little breaks of warmth that don’t usually last longer than 20 or 30 minutes. When you realize it’s over you begin to wonder how the time passed by so quickly, as you’re reminded of how fleeting life can be. It escaped you as fast as it came to fruition, and because of that you’ll never take it for granted. __________________________ #SanDiego #OceanBeach #California
 Ocean Beach, San Diego
We all go through stages of growth. Sometimes it feels like we’re going backwards, but in reality, we’re only setting ourselves up for our next jump ahead. I’ve been evaluating a lot of my work recently, and some of it seems to contradict my true goals and ambitions, which is fine, sometimes we get caught up in things that excite us that we lose track of the mission. I’m just glad I caught myself soon enough to be able to change course. With that said, I’m going to be changing what you’re used to seeing here on my Instagram. When I first began (if you were here for it) I posted only landscape and street photography. As I grew a taste for portraiture, I made that my main focus. Moving to LA has definitely inspired me, in a way that’s making me step back from the tunnel vision I’ve been having, in order to appreciate a larger story. One I hope to begin sharing with you all soon. So if you don’t see strings of portrait work on here any longer, and that’s what you came here for, I apologize. But if you’d like to stick around and see what else I can do, I’d be more than happy to invite you in further. Thank you for all of the support my friends 🙏🏻. __________________________ Model: @kourtlanddd Stylist: @callimartin_styles #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #DFW #Dallas #FtWorth
 Dallas, Texas
What is it you desire? __________________________ Model: @carolinebouldin Stylist: @callimartin_styles #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #DFW #Dallas #FtWorth
 Dallas, Texas
Target Locked ☠️ __________________________ Models, MUAs, Stylists, Brands, and everyone else in Los Angeles! I want to get together to create some awesome work. Link up with me in the DM or send an email with some work you've done and let's get together. Teamwork makes the dream work 😊 __________________________ Model: @angela_mazzanti #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #tattooembassy #inkedgirls #tattoedgirls
 Los Angeles, California
We've all got a temptation that we can't resist. 🌹 __________________________ It's been an incredible trip to Dallas/Ft. Worth. I had a pleasure working with Dragonfly Agency ( @dflydallas) while exploring all of the cool places around. __________________________ Model: @lil_bit_of_wisdom #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #DFW #Dallas #FtWorth
 Dallas, Texas
Are you an early riser or a night owl? 🦉 __________________________ Model: @karicassandra #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #LA #LosAngeles
 Walt Disney Concert Hall
The iPhone X has face recognition so girls aren't gonna be able to unlock their phones when they take their makeup off. 😭 Tag a friend who's screwed 😂 __________________________ Model: @jazminejolt #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #Seattle #iPhoneX
 Seattle, Washington
Sometimes the scariest thing to do is to let someone in. What a terrifying experience that can be in the wrong hands...🛡 How many bad experiences have you had? Too many to count? Pain after pain? There is good news; you survived. Statistically, you have a 100% success rate of overcoming if you have air in your lungs right now. You are a survivor that can take a beating, remember that. __________________________ I'm booking shoots for Dallas, TX. September 10-18th. DM or E-mail for more info. 📸 __________________________ Model: @savannahsecrest #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #Florida #Melbourne #Brevard
 Melbourne, Florida
Song of Storms 🎼 Who's ever played Zelda, Ocarina of Time? ⚔️ __________________________ Model: @meganmoes #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #Seattle
 Seattle, Washington
Hide your eyes darling, people can see your heart through them. __________________________ Model: @meganbeatiernan #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #NewYorkCity #NYC
 New York, New York
🇺🇸 People In Houston, I want to help you in your time of need. I will be putting together a fund to donate towards disaster relief efforts, by the creative and photography community on Instagram. More details to follow in the coming days. If you have been directly affected by Hurricane Harvey please reach out to me here, or privately. I want to know what your number one concern is, and where relief efforts are most needed right now. #Houston __________________________ Model: @kiara_gomez_ #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #NewYorkCity #NYC
 The Oculus at the World Trade Center
Amid the noise of chaos and sorrow, the Truth stands silent, fortified and unyielding. 🏔 __________________________ On some days, we struggle to face the facts laid before us. Not all news is always well, and we must accept the truth for what it is. It will not always be easy to digest, as sometimes it's painful to swallow. But we must remember to push on through, beyond the times that are tough. Remember that you will always endure, that nothing is tough enough to break you. And when you emerge, you will be even stronger than you were before. Use that knowledge to fuel you in times of strife. ⚔️⚔️⚔️ __________________________ Model: @ashleymmartin #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #SanDiego
 San Diego, California
#KINLEY💫™ __________________________ Thank you everyone for always supporting the work I've posted here on Instagram over the past few years. I can't express how much it's meant and how many doors of opportunity I've been able to walk through because of it. My life changed from believing I had to work a 9-5 to slowly growing the courage and confidence to escape that and chip away towards my inner passions. To anyone out there that's feeling unsure or unhappy about their life, I urge you to go out and try something new. You never know what a big difference a small hobby can make. Anything really is possible, we just have to believe in it first. Comment 💫💫💫 if you made it to the end of this message! :) __________________________ Model: @kira_conley #AGameOfTones #PortraitGames #Sacramento
 Sacramento, California
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