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Young Jeezy!! 😍😘 #YoungJeezy #CircleCityClassic2K17
This was my song. #ChristinaMilian #YoungJeezy
Loc life on a joyful journey people will join you & have fun others will walk with you & complain. Learn to be #unconditionally happy join lets have fun if they not tell them catch up with you later you got some good things going. #allgood #allgoodthings #locs #loclifestyle #loclife #lifestyle #lifelessons & #vibes #goodvibes #goodenergy #everydayblessings #everythinggood #peeweelongway #migos #guccimane #youngjeezy
Check link in bro bioo🚀🚀🚀 #Repost @flyguy_supa ( @get_repost) ・・・ Hit tht like in my bio official video OUT NOW #MOOD❗️❗️❗️👔 @director_picaso
Hey bitch I'm back, quit the whinin', bring it back, oochie wally
This the set? It's that mothafuckin' bet, who designed it?
This the one, how you make it out of Chat, who can fly yah
I'm the prince, it was written in the book, Jeremiah
I got dreams, I got bitches, I got hooks, you can buy 'em
Fresh and clean, that Stankonia had me hooked as a child
Used to think my ambition was a scheme, I defy 'em
You can too, if you get up off your ass, fucking try it
I'm a slave, I'm just tryna make the top fall off
On the whip, like a cannon, lollipop on y'all
Xanny ho get me high, make me feel so tall
I'm tryna keep my mental ground and so I feel for y'all
I swear my eyes be bloody red, but bitch I feel amazing
And this is not a confrontation, that's an understatement
See this is runnin' in your house and where your momma staying
You spending doja on some pussy, you ain't concentratin', just wake up
Young Jeezy and the crew. #art #paintings #youngjeezy #gettingup
Swat Car Audio 96’ Chevy Tahoe 🔥Insane bass with @thelifeofprice 💪🏼 6 Sundown Audio Custom Zv3 15’s, 3 NS-1v1 🔝 @scottbowman39 Tahoe’s brother 😂😂😂👍 video by @kaktys_bearstudio #swatcaraudio #сватбрат #sundownaudio #ns1 #zv3 #youngjeezy #thugmotivation #ростовнадону #dbdragracing #jp #down4soundshop
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