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My co-workers say that my gold accessories pop on this black and white. #workingmom #wearitwednesday #randallstownmom #paparazzi
I work out at least 5 days out of the week in the morning. It is one of the first things I do. Its like drinking a BIG cup of coffee ☕️. It helps me stay focus and rock my day! What do you do in the morning to get you started?!
#sneakpeek One of my favorite things about our new morning routines is extra time in the couch with this cuddle bug before school 😍 Even though we wake up a tad earlier (seriously like 10 minutes), it has slowed everything down and made it waaaayy less stressful!
Did you know animals make different sounds in different languages? (As in, the dog says woof in English but wau in German?) Well, turns out, so does the police 👮🏻🚔🚨😉 #tatütata #bilingualkids #magnusandmama | 📷: @mug51
Rise & Shine ladies ☕️ #goodmorning
This vibe☄This peace☄This Happiness cant be messed with☄ #InRealLife #WorkOutWednesday #workingmom #smile #love
Done and dusted, 3 months of preparation for our part in the Upstream Collaboration Week, internally managed Upstream wide conference sessions. Didn't realize that I had a big team for this until we took this group photo! . . #bintulu #hereweare #beautifulbintulu #workingmom #worklife
Miss is feeling better, but still had a rough night #momlife Now off to daycare! #workingmom
週末遊んだので作りおきしてなかったけど、早く帰れたので後半のために作りおき。このくらいの量だと体力的にも楽。 #鯛めし #ワカメとひじきの佃煮 #牛肉と御坊のしぐれ煮 #ポテトフライ #ポテトサラダ #キュウリとクラゲの和え物 #牛カツ丼の具 #カボチャの煮物 #焼そば #作りおき #やっぱり料理が好き #workingmom #foodstock
Aidan woke up with a sore throat and cough. We have to keep him home today with his younger brother because I don't want him to get his classmates at preschool sick, and he could use some rest. I'm also so grateful to have some tools at home to keep him comfortable and get him back on his feet quickly without spreading the sickness to his baby brother. . . . Today we are diffusing On Guard with a little bit of Lemon essential oil to cleanse and detox the air. On Guard is dōTERRA's blend of oils for the immune system and is a great tool to have on hand when anyone in the house is sick and I use it in all of my cleaning products. I also gave Aidan a tablespoon of honey with lemon for his sore throats and rubbed my sick blend of oils on everybody's feet and spine before I left for work. We will apply the sick blend throughout the day and give the honey mixture by mouth 3x today. . . . I wanted to share this with other moms and working parents because it is so empowering to have these oils at my fingertips when someone is sick and yet life has to move on. If I were to call the pediatrician, they would tell me Aidan is too young for cough syrup and to make sure he is drinking fluids. We have been down that road before and Aidan just sits there in pain and struggles to breathe. As a working mom, my heart kind of sinks in these moments because I can't be there for him for every little cough and sniffle and yet all he wanted to do is cuddle! Luckily we have our wonderful nanny @evaldovinos87 for all the extra hugs and kisses throughout the day while mommy works ❤️ & I can leave the house confident in the fact that I have left him with some healing solutions that will keep him comfortable throughout the day. Stay well friends! . . . If you're interested in learning more about my sick protocols, I'm going to be holding a Facebook live class tomorrow evening at 7:30pm. Would love to have you join and ask any questions you may have. #sickseason #doterramom #workingmom #sickkiddos #sickday #naturalwellness #oilswiththefranks #essentialoils #obsessedwithessentials
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