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Counting... Já estão disponíveis no site as Superstars neon (bikini estrela do mar) e as partes de baixo Acqua Reef ✨ mergulha lá pegar a sua!!! 👉🏼 Swipe para ver a parte de baixo
My very first @scentcircus order arrived today! 🎪 • • so impressed with everything! I’m spoilt for choice on what to melt first 🤔 but I think my first scent circus melt will be cutie pie 😍💖 it’s so pretty though I almost don’t want to touch it! • • #scentcircus #wax #waxmelts #soywaxmelts #soywax #whatimmelting #waxwarmer #waxlover #cutiepie #curiouserandcuriouser #limeallyours #icefairy #wishuponastarfish #wackywonderland #autumnsnuggles #bananamilkshake
Peace Mermaid Starfish Wand now available in the shop ✨ 💦
Decorations for Baby Prior’s (eventual) nursery ❤️🌊 #canyouguessthetheme #ocean #beachlife
Wish upon a star.. fish! Nossos Superstars estão chegando e até o flamingo tá ansioso 🌟🌟
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