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Достаточно коротко и интересно 👌🏼 о насыщенной и ненасыщеной калориями еде #Repost @caloriefixes with @repostapp ・・・ 1575 calories VS. 1575 calories Did you know that eating a lower energy dense diet will help you eat healthier, and lose or maintain weight? Calorie density refers to the number of calories in a certain weight of food. Foods low in calorie density contain fewer calories per bite than foods higher in calorie density. ⠀ Research suggests that we tend to regulate how much we eat based on the weight of food more than the food itself, so you can be just as satisfied eating the same amount of food with fewer calories. Low calorie-dense foods contain a lot of water and that can help you feel full. Many of these same foods are also high in fiber. Fiber adds bulk without calories, so it fills you up. ⠀ Low calorie dense foods include vegetables, fruit and foods high in fibre. Also, foods low in calorie density are packed with phytochemicals and healthy compounds that help prevent cancer. ⠀ Fat is the most concentrated source of calories; foods high in fat are high in calorie density. Oils, cookies and nuts are examples. ⠀ Tips to help reduce the density of your diet: * Substitute Low for High: Select lean meats or proteins and low-fat salad dressings instead of the higher-fat versions. * Replacement Rules: Replace some of your portion of high-fat foods and high-calorie dense protein with vegetables and fruits. For example, add tomatoes and broccoli to a pasta salad then reduce the amount of pasta and mayonnaise. * Small Amounts of the High Stuff: Include small portions of healthy high calorie-dense foods, such as peanut butter, nuts and healthy oils, which have an important role in a balanced diet. ⠀ Calorie Fixes: Sources: All information I have gathered today is by the American Institute for Cancer Research, in particular Alice Bender, MS, RD, for AICR. Photo is by Dr. Barbara Rolls, Penn State University. I hope you find this helpful :) 🍏Francesca ⠀ #healthy #fitness #fit #health #workout #bodybuilding #training #beforeandafter #iifym #macros #weightlossjourney #slimmingworld #transformation #fitfood #wholefoods #weightloss #diet #nutrition #fitnes
Too hungry to cook after shopping. Weighed out my Chinese 😊 the salad at lunch means I've managed to stay within macros and I'm even having a traybake and cuppa tea for afters 😊 #macros #calories #caloriecounting #countingcalories #weightloss #weightlossjourney #balanceddiet #healthyfood #mfp #myfitnesspal
So my weigh-in results made me so happy but then it sank in that this next stone is going to be harder. These past four weeks I have had indulgences and haven't exercised a lot but I still hit my goal faster than I expected✅ So I'm going to have to try to be more strict on myself to hit this goal👊🏻 So this morning I had a bagel with marmite and butter😋 (322). I know it's bad to treat yourself with food when you've accomplished a goal but I haven't had a ham & cheese toastie in forever so😇 I didn't eat all of the chips so it came to 610 cals and worth it👌🏻 I had a green Thai curry again as it never fails to satisfy my taste buds (380)😋and now I'm having some poppadoms again for a late snack (185) and being good to save some for my curry tomorrow😄 so I walked to the shops earlier so my active goal has been hit and I'm just happy with that. It's been a hectic past week so I just wanted to chill out and get some errands done before another mad week begins. My main aim this week and for the following weeks is to always hit my active goal and making sure I do one HIIT session in the week as it's just magic. Did you know it carries on burning calories after you've finished?😱 p.s thanks to those who sent the supportive messages and comments☺️ #healthy #weightloss #wellbeing #fitbit #weighin #progress #workharder #goals #lowcalorie #chill #HIIT #positive #determined
(Idk why I look so mean haha I'm not) When I compare just a few months ago with my most current progress pic... I'm just so glad I started. ▪️ I've made mistakes, I've had to learn new habits, stay consistent...but I've been needing this for so long. I feel like I've been learning and healing things that have been needing my my attention. ▪️ The girl on the left hid from her issues and life. The girl on the right is making plans for her life. I don't want to just lose weight to look good. I want to get healthy and feel good so I can go hiking and do so much more. ❣️I'm making a 30 by 30 list bc I'm turning 29 on December 2nd this year and want my last year of my 20's to be a blast. I have 12 things on my list so far. And as I'm making my list I realize how much I haven't done and how much I was never again. 🤗👍💪😄 still have 30-40 lbs to lose! . . #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #weightlossdiary #yay #journey #happygoholly #selflove #beforeandafterweightloss #beforeandafter #hiking #30by30 #bucketlist #weightlosstransformation #dreams #goals #fattofit #obesetobeast #strongnotskinny #transformationtuesday #blog #weightlossblog #transformation #progress #progressnotperfection
Hello à tous ce soir après 5 tours de routine poids du corps c'est un sushi wrap 😍😍😍 💪💪💪 #90daylc #90dlc #thibaultgeoffraycoaching #fitfightforever #regime #diet #maigrir #mincir #weightloss #pertedepoids #amincissement #raffermissement #fit #fitgirl #fitfrenchies #healthtfood #eatclean
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