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#Business101 Running a business is just so different than being an employee.
Gina is the VP of Growth at Duolingo the most downloaded education app in the world, with over 170 million users. She leads the growth product team and is in charge of all marketing / comms in the company. Meet Gina on our event! Get your ticket now – while it’s still 30% off!
Uczyć można się wszędzie... W drodze do Wrocławia na dworcu w Gliwicach szkolimy się z #kcalmarpro w ramach III Rajdu Nowoczesnej Dietetyki 😁 Prawie zapomniałam wsiąść do pociągu #webinars #uczymysie #szkolimysie #wdrodze #kcalmar
It's officially #blackfriday and we're giving all new Shortcuts clients 3 months of service for FREE! Click through to our website through the link in the bio to find out more
In need of your super powers? See @mzmandypants who gave me my "Super Cape for a Super Coach!"👊🏾🎯👩🏽‍🏫
My struggle may not be for you, your struggle may not be for me, but our struggle is for someone else! #MonaVations
***WHO JOINED SYNDUIT?*** Hey Everyone! I just want to see who has signed up for SYNDUIT on our team? If you have not done so - this is a great time because there are some AMAZING bonuses which expire really soon! Visit this page ASAP - Also - let me know if/when you join! #marketingsystem  #emailing  #socialmediacampaigns #webinars  #liveevents
“Your voice combined with reading text allows the viewer to retain more information,” explains James Wedmore @jameswedmore. “And second, people get distracted with other things (texts, email, Facebook). However, when they can quickly get caught up on a slide by reading everything on the slide, they won’t be lost or overwhelmed.”
My prices have always been set for Black Friday 2017! Get your classes and training now, because 2018 prices will be going up. It's Black Friday register for classes and then visit my Affiliates page and shop!! It's a wonderful day to shop. It's simple!!
Nie dość, że pobiliśmy rekord oglądalności to jeszcze te komentarze ‼️😎💪🏽 dziękujemy #webinars #webinar #zdrowie #tarczyca
Splendido #webinar dedicato alle #landingpage di Luca Orlandini. Un tema che vorrei approfondire appena possibile.
🎉Hi Family se une al Black Friday 🎉 Aplicamos un 10% descuento en el curso del Miércoles 29 de Noviembre “Estrategias para manejar los celos entre hermanos” CÓDIGO: blackfriday
[Switch boxes] This puzzle is from "Time Machine" escape room. Switch boxes are the same, but one of them is in the room before explosion, and other is from "after". Players getting info for solving next puzzles of this escape room and find the causes of crime. _____________ For more information contact us: 8-952-925-65-99 (whatsapp) questlab54
Undangan webinar: Dalam rangka *Launching Program Webinar RS Jejaring Kardivaskuler bertepatan dengan peringatan HUT ke 32 Rumah Sakit Jantung dan Pembuluh Darah Harapan Kita* Akan diselenggarakan Webinar untuk Clinical Leader, RS Jejaring, peserta didik, training, peminat lainya Materi : *Pengobatan Gangguan Irama Jantung (aritmia) Terkini dan Leadless Pacemaker, Narasumber : dr.Dicky Armein Hanafy,Sp.JP(K)* *Bedah Dewasa dan Minimal Invasif Coronary Artery By Pass (MICS)” Narasumber : Dr.dr.Dudy Armen Hanafy, SpBTKV* *Bedah Jantung Anak Terkini dan Mutakhir di RSJPDHK” Narasumber : Dr.dr.Pribadi W Busro, Sp BTKV* *Anestesi Kardiovaskular dan TEE Intraoperatif, Narasumber : Dr. Adi Permana, SpAn “Tatalaksana Intervensi jantung anak dan penyakit jantung bawaan termutakhir di RSJPDHK” Dr.dr.Indriwanto Sakidjan,Sp.JP(K),MARS Moderator : *Dr.Isman Firdaus, SpJP(K) Webinar diselenggarakan pada : *Sabtu, 25 November 2017 pkl 10.55-12.30 Wib* Link Webinar : URL: Webinar ID: 179-008-499 Webinar diharapkan dihadiri para dokter spesialis, SpJP, SpBTKV, SpAn, Clinical Leader, peserta didik, training, dokter IGD, dan yang berminat lainnya. #doctor #webinars @pjn_harapankita @kemenkes_ri @bpjskesehatan_ri @ikatandokterindonesia @ismki_indonesia @isicam.inalive @asmiha_2018 @
Happy Thanksgiving!💜
“Free is expensive”- @thedarrencasey 👍🏻 👋🏻What do you all think about this concept?🤔
Trying to establish yourself as the go-to #hypnotherapist for your clients? Use videos to showcase your knowledge and expertise and to connect with your audience more deeply, you can use #YouTube, #FacebookLive or #Webinars.
Appena terminato di preparare le slide per il webinar di stasera, pronti per una fantastica formazione on line al team! #senontifasorriderecambialo #formazione #trainingonline #crescitadigruppo #webinars #lavorodacasa
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