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We take some pretty cool pictures. 😎 #babe #wce #smokin #hotmama #whitetee #lakeshoot #inkedcouple #creeperstache
my #wce and #mce for life! catch their beautiful souls at @kertaskitajournal launching vvvvv soon 🦄
Nothing compares to this. We have been engaged almost a year now and that is crazy to me. I remember that night so clearly and the hyping up by our friends and family. We had almost 30 people there that night. The love that surrounded us was incredibly. Kaylee and I have been together through more than most couples. We have been told we are crazy for getting married so young. What I can tell you is patience is so important. Relationships are a two way street and don’t contain perfection. Kaylee and I aren’t perfect but we never give up on one another. I have been so incredibly lucky to walk beside her all this time. We will be married in less then 8 months. I will be the luckiest woman to walk down the aisle towards her on the exact beach I knew she would be my forever. When you know, you know. #wce #harperilyeverafter2018 #mrsandmrs #junewedding
#Wce #Lmp #dt #tbn #tbnasty #tbr #tbfreaky #tbf 💙🤤💦💯🙋🏽
When she's with the girls but you know she would rather be w you lol jk @hey_jane #wifey #wce #loveher
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