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SoooooooCal. #toesbeach
Happy birthday, baby brother! #toesbeach
The second annual Playa Del Rey Ace volleyball tournament was a huge huge success with an amazing turnout. Thank you to all that came and participated in any way shape and form! Until next beer...I mean, year!! 🍻🍺 #playadelrey #toesbeach #jungleside #ACE #volleyball #beachvolleyball #departmentofbeachesandharbors #family #timdeal #friends #coorslight #corona #sponsor #timeisntwastedwhenyouregettingwasted #harbvitational #harbinvitational
Thankful I got to participate in this years International Coastal Cleanup Day this morning. I mostly found styrofoam, small pieces of broken up plastic, straws & cigarette butts across the beach. Curious as a whole, how much was able to be picked up by everyone today throughout California, the U.S. & globally. I'm sure it'll be pretty amazing as together we can do big things! The results should be in within a month and I'll let keep you guys posted! @healthebay
A girl, a bike, and her duck pond.. Yesterday's adventure led me here- the spot for many parties from early childhood through college .. even high school reunions.. this pond holds many memories .. And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years. ~Abraham Lincoln #blessed #PDR #thejungle #toesbeach #smalltowns
Always pulling faces #beachtentselfie #toesbeach
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