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There isn't a mediocre bone in you. ✨🌱🌻 #soul_spills #lereenfrancois
🔱 we all make mistakes, thats what makes us human 🔱
La più bella...😍🖤 @annatatangeloofficial
La mia felicità...🖤 @annatatangeloofficial
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👉Hey Guys! Full video is on YouTube type in 'Tom Bilyeu/Impact Quotes - You Will Become What You Think'🙏🏻🙌thank you @tombilyeu @lisabilyeu and @impacttheory for changing my brain, and therefore my life!!! 👉"I want you to burn into your nervous system the following statement because it is a fundamental truth of the human condition - it is literally, the baseline physics of what it means to be a person... As Earl Nightingale said "We become what we think about" and that's an idea that I want you to hold firmly in your mind. That's something that I really want you to internalise, I really want you to stop right now, whatever you're doing I want you to stop, lean into this video and listen to what I'm saying - you will become what you think about. Really think about that for a second as if it wasn't just a phrase, as if it wasn't just words, as if it was a truth about how the brain works - BECAUSE. IT. IS.✨✨✨ You're going to become the thing that you think about and I know that you're dwelling on a lot of negative shit and I know that you're carrying a lot of baggage with you and I know that as you think about how things might go wrong that you believe, you believe to the core of your being that you're just planning for the hard times but the truth is that you're going to become those things that you fear, you're going to become the things that you dread if you're thinking about all the things that you've done wrong in the past you're going to simply continue that cycle..."🙏🏻 . . . . . . . . . . . #impacttheory #tombilyeu #motivationalquotes #motivationalvideo #becomestronger #growthmindset #developyourself #personalgrowth #personaljourney #thinkandgrowrich #videoart #videoinstagram #abundancemindset #motivationdaily #inspiredaily #entrepreneur #hustler #disciplined #fitnesshelp #coach #mindsetshift #powerofwomen #womenempowerment #believe #changeyourlife #dreambigger #takeaction #create #sydneyblogger #bjjgirls
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