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#thanksgivingdinner #firstthanksgiving #adinnertoremember Thank you Browne Family @andriabrowne for hosting the thanksgiving dinner and giving us a chance to be part of the culture. #daywellspent😍
Hair dying part one is complete. Thanks @kurlikortney for the hair treatment! I’ll post a follow up tomorrow of the finished product all done up! Thanks @whitneywilde @cezanne_s @aneuschw96 @austinpkhaws for a wonderful “Friendsgiving”! You guys are wonderful! Gratitude and blessings and such. 😋
Still thankful the day after #thanksgivingdinner #leftovers #turkey #sweetpotato
Brined. ☑️ Buttered ☑️ Seasoned to shit ☑️ Shit ton vegetables ☑️ Beer in the pan☑️ I️ think this bird is oven ready. Came out looking pretty good. Thanksgiving isn’t complete without my homemade signature cheesecake #cheesecake #thanksgivingdinner #thanksgiving #lotsaleftovers #turkey
Thanksgiving doesn’t only have to be #turkey...a well seasoned #cornishhen can be just the little change you’re looking for this #thanksgivingdinner
Things we are thankful for! #thanksgivingdinner #yummyyummyinmytummy 🦃🍗😋
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