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I look pretty serious on most of my pictures, but I have one quote for you which I live by. "Don't take life too seriously! You'll never get out of it alive" 😅 Wish y'all a great day 👋🏼
Hey you! Wanna buy some drugs ? 😂 #Gucci #druglord
Be unique! What do you guys think about this outfit? Yay or nay? I am so in love with this extraordinary coat 😍
In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently!👊🏽I am currently sitting in a business law lecture, so I should rather be attentive than philosophical 🙄😅
What do you think of this outfit? 🙌🏽 Do you know why I love Fall ? Because it's time to wear Timerlands 😏
Fashion enthusiast during off-season and Men's Physique Athlete on diet. So guess what I am doing now ? 😅 Just kidding shredders, I am gonna upload some off season updates as well 😁🤙🏽
If you look closely and with a bit imagination, it looks like I am weighing 250 pounds 😅🤔
Guess what I am thinking? 🤔🍩
Life's ain't scarring me, I'm just walking the line! Happy Halloween you sexy mofos 😜
I'm not from Boston, but there was no Hamburg Hoodie available 😕 #funnyaf
🎈 COMPETITION TIME 🎈 // We're giving away one more "Flipped" tall tee to say thanks for all the love! // TO ENTER: • Follow @phatbroke & like this post. • Comment your dream RAP NAME if you ever made it big. • Tag a homie who you'd take on tour with you. • Best name WINS (humour | relevance | originality) • Winner announced TOMORROW @6pm - get in quick! 🎤🎤🎤 • Prize includes 1x FREE TEE & sticker pack. Photo: @jorjaahhh | @tommy.depp #phatbroke #homestreethome #competitiontime | 15% ~ PHRESH15
Hello #visionaries 👋🏼 I am getting good feedback on my last posts since I am talking about topics that brings you forward in life, so I thought why not do it on every post from now on? My goal is to inspire people not just in way of fitness but also in a way of showing how to change your thoughts and beliefs in order to change your life and focus on success and happiness. Let's just start right now with another topic. Remember to make decisions often. But why? The more decisions you make, the better you're going to become at making them. Muscles get stronger with use, and so it is with your decision-making muscles. Unleash your power right now by making some decisions you've been putting off. You won't believe the energy and excitement it will create in your life! I wish y'all a chilled and recovering Sunday 🤘🏽
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