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Keep who lay with, How much you make, & Your next move to yourself, Then you'll have no drama 🌱
Pretty little secret spots.❣️
“I am early in my story, but I believe I will stretch out into eternity, and in heaven I will reflect upon these early days, these days when it seemed God was down a dirt road, walking towards me. Years ago, He was a swinging speck in the distance; now He is close enough I can hear his singing. Soon I will see the lines on His face.” -Donald Miller
I think it’s time you had a pink cloud Summer ‘cause you’ve gone too long without a smile. I think it’s time you found another reason to stay for awhile.
Cruising through life.. realizing all the potential I have to do and be anything I want to be. Action is all it takes. Simple, yet not so simple. 🤔
@dave_and_stuff 's "lung dragons". Posted since @anashvillecpa thought this was a cool picture. #lungdragons #roadlife
Rain doesn't stand a chance with the Free Fly Crossover Jacket: a supersoft bamboo fabric interior and water-repelling shell make this the ultimate foul weather warrior. Hit the link in our bio to shop!
One of my favorite colors is the gold of larches in the sun
rainforest vibes #details
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