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Every day bar few, since finishing university in may I have worked for my company (Billo)! I have learnt so much about myself and who I want to become, what path I want to lead in life. It's crazy to look back and think about who I was merely 6 months ago. In such a little amount of time, we can always learn so much about ourselves. This photo is an old version of Billo home screen before we went back to the drawing board and redid everything but the logo. When we show what Billo is now, I look forward to every kind of criticism. Good, Bad, Ugly. Becuase understanding other people perspectives and views is a skill and a tool that is invaluable to success. However, you deem it. In the end, it's not necessarily what you have to show, but it wants knowledge and skills that have been learnt along the way. People Always sees the end result. So make sure it counts. Until then I will carry on working two jobs! #entrepreneur #entrepreneal #working #plasters #story #grind #grinding #startup #startupgrind #selfdevelopment #smartthinking #business
Pictured is a rare flock of FedEx trucks - native to Manhattan! - 😂But really I’m shipping so much stuff that I needed 4 FedEx trucks... - 👊Alright alright, I’m not really shipping anything because most of it’s going through a prep center. But this was too funky of a picture not to post. - 🙌4 FedEx trucks on 1 street? Madness!
~فَبِأَيِّ آلاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذبٰن. She is a half century and making lives better. My mother is a MAGIC. She creates magic for our skin and hair. Creating magic is not overtime, it requires consistency and experiments. By staying consistent and doing experiments on daily basis she came up with handcrafted magic known as BANO. Mehreen, my sister made sure to deliver this magic to each and everyone in Pakistan who believe in natural solutions for skin and hair. How I can forget Ahmad, my brother, he helps us to bring all the ingredients even from far places without complaining about traffic and messed up roads. Family start-ups are always a best idea. It brings you close and create harmony. Allah has blessed me with such innovative, creative and hard-working family. Alhamdulilah! Ps. Selfie with a shield was a must because Mehreen presented BANO ( @bano.bodycare) at Kinnaird College Business Forum and came at 4th position out of total 16 teams. #goherbal. @banooosadaf @mehreenfay @ahmad_hassan_gillani
This weekend #HeroHeads will be at #ArtStarCraftBazaar in #Philly, run by awesome @artstarphilly folks :) Thanks @jolie___fille for the great photo! #HandDrawnHeroes #DoWhatYouLove
Wishing will do you no good, working for it will!
Proud to introduce you to this baby. MAYNIAC X just put up its second digital establishment (still under construction 🚧). A Fashion, Luxury and Men's Lifestyle Blog @thevirilegents. 🕺 🕺 🕺 🕺 _______________________________________________________ I've said it before and I'll say it again "if you have a great idea, make it a reality" don't be a wantrepreneur be an entrepreneur!!!. A wantrepreneur has ideas but an entrepreneur (legends) executes and creates!!. (learned that from @caseyadams1)
Difficult activities are many times not THAT difficult ... it’s just that most people aren’t willing to do them. But they can produce some GREAT rewards. Case in point: my cold-weather bike rides. #getit #startupgrind #tech #technology #startup #startups #startuplife #founder #founderlife #ceo #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #siliconslopes #hustle #workhard #product #vc #venturecapital #motivation #community #grind #business #startuplife  #saas #cycling #mountainbike
Hurry! This is the last weekend to get your application in for our 6th track. Take your CPG company to the next level with the SKU accelerator program. Click the link in bio to apply.
Good morning! Every morning we are born to live with hope and desire to do something great and meaningful. Wishing you happiness, smiles and success 🙏 🌹 🙏 'When you follow your heart and chase your dreams, the passion behind your efforts helps you to gain power and success.' Rattan Singh Shaping Life Shaping Leadership #lead #leader #leadership #leadershiptraining #leaders #leadershipskills #skills #startupgrind #startupbusiness #startupweekend #businessinthefront #businessintelligence #businessinsider #businessclass #businesstrip #businesscards #networking #networkingevent #networks #biz #entrepreneur #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurial #enterprise #leadtheway #corporate #business #work #company #employees
Now this is a different subject all together. This depends on a lot of different elements focus keywords, if on page seo is done right. Off page seo tactics your using, competition and volume of searches. Local or glabal seo. Global takes a little longer in most cases. Local seo let's chat about that. 1. Easy competition with med volume keywords takes about 1-3 months. This depends on what your competition is doing. 2. Med level rankings 2-6 months and always depends on what your competition is doing. I've done this in 3 months but some niches are harder. 3. High competition and this would be more of a global scale because local seo is pretty simple in most cases. High you'll really need to look at your competition back links and maybe steal some of those links also. This on average can take 3-14 months and if you don't know what you're doing. Doing your own seo could hurt your website. I've destroyed a few websites to never rank again and that site got black listed. I'll talk about link building strategies later down after some of my basic tips. Until next time, ------------------------------------------------------- Follow 👉 @twofisted.domination for more seo tips 📚 -------------------------------------------------------
It's important to be kind to ourselves, to indulge when we deserve it (and especially when we don't), recognise the little pleasures in life and hold onto them. For Sara, it was always wine. 🍷
When we're available to see them, life presents us with opportunities to stretch our capabilities. About a week ago my man Rowlan messaged me seeking to develop a logo/symbol to represent his brand. Having really only created two simple logos prior, I felt a bit insecure on my ability to deliver. I SAID YES, listening to the inner voice telling me that "I'll figure it out." Here's a glimpse into that process.. swipe ➡️ . . . #CreateExplore #LosAngelesDesigner #CoffeeAndDesign #TheSweatLife #GraphicArtist #SeeYouOutThere #StartUpGrind #StartUpCulture #60SecClub #PersonalDevelopment #Uziidoesit #PersonalBrand #Documenting #TodaysType #InspirationSeed #Behance #GfxMob #Illustration #ArtOnInstagram #PhotoManipulation #TheDesignTip #ps_inmotion #Adobe #Photoshop #Illustrator
Are you making the progress you want to be making daily? weekly? monthly? annually? We can help with the tech side of your biz! Websites, mobile apps, SEO...let’s make some progress! #Repost @hubspot ( @get_repost) ・・・ ENOUGH SAID 👏 . . . . Repost @tonyrobbins
We were so glad to see our @galvanizehq #ATX family today- and wish a VERY happy safe travels and farewell to one of our favorite family members @mrjakephillips. Good luck in Ireland brother!!! Their startup ecosystem is lucky to have you... we miss ya already. #tech #family #community #startuplife #accelerate
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