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If anyone wants to trade locations, shoot me a DM. I've got four locations in PA that I haven't seen anyone else shoot at, and I'm itching for some new places...
Completo taller Formación, Te enseñaremos herramientas que te permitirán ejercer la labor de Community Manager y administrar las Redes Sociales y otras estrategias de E-Marketing para poder impulsar marcas y crear comunidades de seguidores Aprendizaje Garantizado ¡Vende Más! Detalles: Modalidad B-Learning: fin de semana presencial y 25 días en aula virtual (bajo ambiente Moodle), asesoría personalizada #Caracas : inicia el 16 y 17 de diciembre, informa y organiza: Mercedes Navas, @mercedes.4272 Tlf.: 0424 132 1483, mercedesnavas #Barquisimeto : inicia el 25 y 26 de noviembre, informa y organiza: Jaime Lucena, Tlf.: 0414 521 5807, jaimelucena #Guatire : Inicia el diciembre 2 y 3, informa y organiza: Escuela de Comunicación Visual y Arte Tlf.: 0212 381 2563 y 0212 621 5219 @cddguatire Más información en: #Aktiva #socialmediamanager #CursosCaracas #SocialMediaMarketing #GuarenasGuatire #communitymanager #Empresariosjovenes #MarketingDigital #SocialMedia #RedesSociales #Taller #Emprendedores #Lara #Venezuela #Curso
Black and white makes it spooky, right?
The best digital advertising tip we can share with business owners is to ensure that your campaign is integrated with your other marketing channels. An integrated marketing campaign will garner much better results than any single initiative. For example, Facebook Ads work really well on their own when promoting a sale or publicizing a new product, but it works much better when supporting another marketing channel such as email. . . . . . #socialmediatips #marketingtips #marketingonline #marketingstrategy #mktdigital #socialmediamanager #digitalagency #marketing101 #socialmediastrategy #instagrammarketing #startupbusiness #entrepreneurslife #smallbusinessowners #businessplan #entrepreneurmotivation #businessgoals #businessmindset #marketingstrategy #marketing101 #marketingagency #leadgeneration #marketingplan #marketinglife #B2C #businessmarketing #socialenvy #photooftheday #melbournecity #victoriaaustralia #melbournebusiness
Sales are like oxygen to a business. Without sales any business will quickly suffocate. 😖If you are a small business or startup then it is important to focus on sales early on. Go get them sales! 🤑
Church murder scenes..
70s swinger resort covered in tacky ass wall paper + carpeted walls + generally laughably sad to walk around. But like, if a dude took me to a place with a rotating circle bed and a heart shaped tub, I'd for sure put out. Even in all it's tacky glory.
Who is ready for some serious online shopping! ✋ We've rounded up the 5 Things to Buy This Cyber Monday if you're looking to take your social media to the next level! Check the link in our bio!
"I'm gonna stop exploring cause I'm pregnant and suppose to be on bed rest" --- a week later, I'm researching if the crack heads with guns are still guarding an abandoned mansion + planning a trip to new york to check some places out.
A trend is making your pet an influencer. They almost never have bad hair days and always look darling! The reason to why we are highlighting this phenomenon is that sometimes your not do not want to be the face of the house, and your pet is rarely camera shy😋 picture by @trendy.hipster
electric park ⚡️
Social media marketing is a powerful technique for building brand affinity. In other words, it makes your customers feel as though they understand your brand a little better. The more you communicate with your customers through social media, the more they begin to think of you as a transparent and authentic entity rather than just another big-name brand. Since we automatically build stronger connections with things that we can attribute human characteristics to, showing your personality through social media will make you a more likable brand and help to strengthen brand loyalty. ⠀
sabias que puedes aceptar tarjetas de credito o debito de forma facil rapida y segura desde tu pagina Web y no requiere sino una pequeña consultoria que esperas, contactanos a nuestro correo electronico info y solicita mayor informacion #communitymanagers #diseñografico #diseñoweb #glserviciosweb #wordpress #wordpressseo #wordpressblog #wordpressdesign #woocommerce #wordpresstips #webcare #seo #seoagency #seoconsultant #seosem #socialmediamanager #ecommercewebsite #woocommerce
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Twitter can be complex, especially if you are new to the channels and don't know what you are doing. So, I've taken a little bit of the hard work away from you. My top tips for creating the perfect tweet now live on 🙌
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