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When you hit your max carry weight you get to see how much random shit you've acquired . . #OutWithTheOldInWithTheNew #NewDungeonNewMe #Simplify #Skyrim
I loved helping this sweet friend clear off her desk today! Step one: sort. Step two: eliminate. Step three: organize. Swipe to see before!
A quick swap of the shoes, bag and addition of a scarf, helps turn my 3rd look w/ my @only_child vest up a notch💁🏼 Which look is your favorite? Also, tonight's the last night of The Fall Virtual Pop-Up! If you find anything that speaks to you and your style by any of these responsible makers, you can save 10% off your order w/ code Megan1000🙌🏻 @only_child @betinalou @bareknitwear @hautehopegives @rakhaffer #partner #1000garmentgoal #tgvirtualpopup
DM me. I can help! Check out and follow @new_spaces_organizing for more info.
Didn't pack a full lunch today, just my snacks- so all I needed was the Cool Clip Thermal Pouch #easiertocarry #simplify #simplifiedplanner
Wake up and don't makeup💋 #permanentlips #blendedlipliner #lipcolor {image via Pinterest}
Television relationship goals. #downsize #declutter #simplify
Is it a lamp? Is it art? We'll never know. One thing I do know, I might be an #airbnb convert!
Dinner with a view for my final night in magical Peru 👌
I may have just a slight IKEA obsession-- especially when it comes to organizing! 😬 I could probably list about 100 things I’ve gotten from IKEA that help us keep our house neat and tidy, but today I limited it to my top 10 very favorites. 🙌🏻 I’d love to hear what your favorites are too! (I will leave the link to the full video in my bio ➡️ @justagirl_abby !) . . . . . #bhghome #myhousebeautiful #mybhg #countryliving #houseandhome #homesweethome #pittsburgh #printables #organization #organized #planning #organize #organizeyourlife #organizedlife #simplify #ryanhomes #declutter #decluttering #ikea #ikeahack #ikeahacks #abbyorganizes
If your workspace feels small or cramped, try decluttering and arranging your work desk, workstation and other areas in the space. . When you put things in order, you'll discover and enjoy more room. . Order makes for increase because the more organized you are, the more ready you are to handle more. . How often do you declutter your workspace? If you're an Organizing and Productivity Professional, how often do you advice your clients to do so? . Share with us in the comments? . #organizer #organization #organizedlife #organizedliving #instagood #instadaily #organizer #organized #organize #simplicity #homeorganizer #clutterfree #storage #simplify #clutter #simplifying #organized #home #beforeandafter #officeorganization #personalorganizer #productivity #productivityhacks #productivitytips #productivityhabits #workplaceorganizing #ottawaorganizers #professionalorganizing #homeoffice #professionalorganizing #workplace
Good night, moon.
#History101 // When you think about Australia as a country it's quite young in comparison to the rest of the world. Let's face it, you won't find any thousand year old churches, pyramids or castles here, the closest would be a crumbling convict settlement from the late 1700’s. Growing up on the coast I used to think that going to Oxenford was like driving out into the sticks along this rickety little hwy (stay with me here - you remember the old Pacific motorway right?) But the Gold Coast has come SO far since it’s humble beginnings and that’s what I want to talk about today. Did you know that the Gold Coast wasn’t even first called the Gold Coast? In the late 1940’s, there wasn’t much more to the Town of the South Coast, as it was called back then (because it was South of Brisbane), than a string of milk bars and beach shacks catering to the Australian and Allied Armed Forces on R&R during World War II. As its population grew, buildings spilled swiftly up and down the coastline until on May 16, 1959, it was proclaimed the City of the Gold Coast. While the name was used to describe the concurrent real estate boom (property here was considered overpriced for quite some time), it was also fitting for the healthy way of life, golden sands and sunshine that it’s famous for. Many still travel to this famous coastal haven to holiday 50 years on, and it is now affectionately known as home to more than half a million people all enjoying a better life - whatever that may mean to them - by the sea. Today, the Gold Coast’s glass towers are superimposed between glistening beaches and lush rolling hinterland and what was once just a coastal holiday town is now a thriving metropolis. Such good memories have been made here for so many. My parents grew up here and I love hearing their stories of old. What do you remember about the old Gold Coast? Reminisce with us in the comments below, or tag someone that you think has an awesome story about the coast to tell - we’d love to hear from you!!
This chart is GUARANTEED to make your life a million times easier! Seriously, it's one of the most popular resources on my TPT store. You should check it out! Link in bio. •••••••••••••••••• #homework #planning #lessonplans #calendar #organization #organized #classroom #desk #bingo #chart #laminate #easyteaching #simplify #tpt #teacher #iteach #iteachtoo #iteach5th #classroominspo #office #supplies
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