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i love giraffes 🦒🦒🦒🦒
Tell Me You Love Me müzik videosu?
Arousal is not the same as sexual orientation. Arousal is something that occurs on a physiological level. It’s natural. Base. Primal.
Sexual lifestyle is determined by things that are harder to measure and explain—cultural conditioning, emotional attachment, socio-economic factors, religious affiliation. That’s a much more controversial topic to delve into. The point is if we’re going by physical arousal, research suggests that men are most certainly never completely straight. We’re turned on by varying degrees of both male and female sexual stimuli. And why wouldn’t we be? We’re wired to procreate, but we’re also wired to seek pleasure. There’s so much pleasure in the male form, their thighs, their hips, their backs, their lips.
Change My Mind @onedirection
For real though FP is the actual definition of daddy..
My mood almost 24/7 😂
"Peki ya sen İbrahim?!"41.bölüm 👑😈
мечтаю провести ленивый день в кроватке 🙌🏻🤤 но все никак 😭
Sıkıldım agaa :\
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