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Bacon jam Triple cheese burger. #servicetime
Pagi2 terpaksa nongkrong di bengkel, gara2 si mini chopper oversteer ke kanan terus dan ban jadi bergelembung. Ternyata shock kanan depan sudah lemah dan link stabilizernya dah lemah juga....betulkan yang rusak, jaga yang masih baik! #sayangmobil #servicetime #autoshop #anygivensaturday #like4like
In these streets after a 77 hr work week... bless to be blessed! πŸ’šπŸ’› #ServiceTime #LillieMaeGrdDaughter #ChiversaryWeekend
This Sunday, NOVEMBER 19th, our Indonesian service will be served by Pdt. Dr. Janto Simkoputera from @gbiprj. Let us gather together this week and listen to the message God will relay through him! . #specialsunday #indonesianservice #guestspeaker
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