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Skull everything
THE OCEAN: To Release First New Track Since 2015 As Part of Pelagic Records Label Compilation⠀ Released September 29⠀ _⠀ Artwork by Max Löffler⠀ _⠀ In The Twilight These Rocks Have Teeth is a compilation of 180 minutes of contemporary post rock, metal and experimental rock music. This release showcases the entire PELAGIC RECORDS roster and includes bands such as MONO, PG.LOST, KLONE, WANG WEN and many others. ⠀ _⠀ Plus previously unreleased tracks by THE OCEAN and new signing SPOOK THE HORSES, as well as a previously digitally unreleased track by CULT OF LUNA round off this fine compilation, which is set for a September 29 release. ⠀ _⠀ 'Founded in 2009 by THE OCEAN guitarist Robin Staps, PELAGIC RECORDS has become an increasingly vital outlet for modern progressive metal, post-metal and beyond', ROCK-A-ROLLA wrote last year in their PELAGIC RECORDS label feature, and German Prog magazine ECLIPSED added that PELAGIC has established itself as 'one of the most influential labels' in the realm of post metal, post rock and prog.⠀ _⠀ ‘It's been a slow, gradual growth process', Staps comments. 'I never had career ambitions with this label, and sometimes this old-school DIY approach to things has really helped me focus on the essentials, and on maintaining a high standard of quality without being focused too much on success and numbers. I have also managed to not let the bad choices drag me down. It's not bad to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them.'⠀ _⠀ Read on: ⠀ _⠀ Enjoy!⠀ _⠀ VJ Zakk-E⠀ _ ⠀ NB: Vagabond Co. has obtained all necessary permission from the Artists, their respective Labels, Representatives or directly to use their content. We would respect you do the same.⠀
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