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The stages of waiting for my steak: pupreciative that my hoomans are making me steak, watching the oven patient as h*ck and finally pupcited to FINALLY eat it😋
Esa mirada cuando queres algo con Muchas ganas ! #labrador #retriever
Cuddle time with mum again before she goes to bed 💤 Calling specialist in the morning to ask a few questions to try find out if a few things are “normal” or not. Plus hopefully have the results to see what UTI and what type of fungal infection he’s got. Still need to raise lots of money to keep treating him with the herbal stuff so please keep sharing and donating if possible (Link in bio also) Thank you SO much to those of you who have helped already 🙏🏼💙
Un señor perro, pareciera qué el joven perro, loco, desesperado, imperativo, inagotable que hace 6 años adopte se hubiera perdido con su cara de perro adulto. Mentira! Sigue igual y eso es lo más genial! #goldenretriever #golden #dog #Homero #retriever #domingo
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