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If you want specificities in your relationships or life in general, then you must ask explicit questions. Don’t be afraid of the truth as it can be vindicating as well as rewarding. I believe we ask “why” to avoid the truth. The truth should be the only thing that matters in the end. Whether it hurts, helps or heals, it is the truth. -Aaron Lamont #ThisIsWhyYoureSingle #WiseWordsFromADopeDude #SomeoneNeededThis #YoureWelcome 🤷🏾‍♂️😏 Come train with me.. I stimulate your mind AND body! #Secrets2Sexy
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Go to and get your 6 week program in order implement immediate change in your life! You can either start “one day” or make today DAY ONE!!! #Secrets2Sexy #RespectTheSexy
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No games, no gimmicks. If you're ready to make a lifestyle transformation, allow me to help you shape it and provide the consistent motivation that your life may be lacking, currently. All you have to do is be willing to start. Let's go!!! #secrets2sexy
Nutrition is typically the most difficult aspect of fitness for all of us. Remember to eat as clean as possible so that all the work you're putting in warrants the results you're expecting to see! #Secrets2Sexy
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Don't forget to enjoy life and recharge your batteries when necessary. Remember, if you treat fitness as a lifestyle as opposed to some "thing" you have to do.... Well, let's just say sky's the limit 😎🌴
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Sexy is not a body type, a shape, a size, a dress size, or even a number on the scale. Sexy is a mindset, an attitude.. it's being confident. When you feel sexy on the inside, it translates into the way you move, the way you talk. No bullshit, this is just a few weeks on @g.q1000fitness & @secrets2sexy program! Do what makes YOU feel sexy! #transformationthursday #workforwhatyouwant #respectthesexy #secrets2sexy #whatsyoursexy #confidence #getyourmindright #elevate #levelup #nogames #nogimmicks #hardwork #consistency #determination
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