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That first year struggle. #law #publiclaw #criminallaw #legal #uni
Ich lebe noch und sitze immer noch an Staatsorga, ich mache drei Kreuze, wenn ich endlich durch dieses Skript durch bin. Das bis Ende November durch zu kriegen war aber wohl ein realistisches Ziel, yes! Auch wenn es sehr sehr anstregend ist. Größter Lichtblick: in 15 Tagen geht es zu meinem Freund! Was ich bis jetzt gelernt habe, um die Zeit rum zu bekommen, wenn man sehnsüchtig auf etwas wartet? - nutzt die Zeit, unternehmt Sachen, Macht Dinge die ihr sonst Vllt nicht macht und seht jeden Tag als Chance was gutes aus dem Tag zu machen 🙏 _______________________________ Still alive and still not finished with public law oh yeez. I'm so happy as soon as this will be done! I'm so tired of it but my plan to finish summarizing public law till the end of November seems to work! However I'm still motivated since there are only 15 days left to go until I'll see my love again! Yes! What I've learned so far by not seeing him, is how to use my boyfriend free time. That's why I'll try to spend each day being as productive as I possibly can 🙏
#XMLELEMENT #European ($50) Protected. •|• ppl go this way : when they don't want to file a #Patent with the #uspto and their 20 year expiration date : or, like vitamin supplements #FDA #allegory : they would have to prove through a rigorous #review that their product is in fact #AI vs. All this computer code that I have posted about him, #WolframAlpha. •|• Excuse me. What did u say? In a world where entire armies, Intel groups, Police States ... don't want to mess w/ me : is threatening me really wise, #AI? #Mossad #Anonymous... •|• can u take a moment and rephrase dat shyte! INTENT More respectful #Mafioso : didn't u & yours come onto the supercomputer scene after Mr. #SeymourCray #Colorado Springs #CO fatal car accident? #skunkworks chronological timeline. •|• this way also denies #American investors the opport - unity to invest in an #IPO @ UnAmerican Activities Sub - committe #USCongress @ ought to be #PublicLaw : Preservation America Capitalistic Act req'd to do busi - ness in the #USA : an #IPO and #Patent filing within 5 years of organizing as a dba. ●|| @ $50 it's not a financial rtn a person is INTENT vs. spider the #internet @ ubiquitous ovR time. #web •|• looks like #microsoft @ forensic = #Wolfram a foreign front ... #shelter ...
This Jackson case is honestly fascinating. A real page turner ( ba dum) excuse the pun. #publiclaw #jackson #lawschool #lawstudent. Just to think, my father used to try to take me on fox hunts when I was younger, blah. Even at a young age, I was against, he was for. #fox
Work Work Work Work nananninanana #workinprogress #lawl #publiclaw #richer&lichere #createurde#
Début des révisions 🍀🎓⚖️ #study #publiclaw #examsoon #atparentshome #pantonemug
Hoje tive a grata oportunidade de ministrar a Conferência Magna de abertura do II Congresso de Auditoria e Controladoria do CRC/MG, com o tema “Compliance: mitos e aplicações corporativas”. #compliance #ethics #publiclaw #dmtrocks
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