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#psa not all scars are visible. No one wants to hear "What's wrong with you?" "This is what disabled looks like?" Be mindful. Better yet say nothing... not all battle wounds are on the outside #ptsd #Homeless #disabled #motivation #veterans #rescue #restore #rehabilitate #womenveterans #semperfi #oorah #devildog #ptsdrecovery #myptsd #losangeles #youcandoit #ptsdchat #givingback #outreach #slayallday #veteransdreams #USMC #USNavy #USArmy #USAirforce #USCG #womenveterans #semperfi #devildog #neverforget #honoringthefallen . HTML......... #positivevibes #positivity #goals #womenpower #hope #herstoryinblack #lifebeyondpain #health #ptsd #PTSDchat #womenpower #women #happiness #peace #mother #motherhood #breavement
My relation of all things back to actions my abuser took tend to promote the view that I am ➖D W E L L I N G➖ on my past. I’ll try to make my use of such a little more ✨clear✨ When one is affected by trauma, the brain reacts in a certain way. For many, that’s the end of it. The brain reacts during the trauma accordingly & subsequently bounces back to normal functioning after the fact—with only a short period of readjustment & residual affects. For others, like me 🙋, the brain does not bounce back. It reacts how it needs to during the trauma & subsequently • S T A Y S • that way—deeply rooted in the idea that it needs to for survival. It relates all stimuli back to the initial trauma & reapplies the same neural pathways—same panic, same feelings of defeat, sometimes even hallucinations of the event—as it did during said trauma.  This all occurs subconsciously, not by choice or even in a way that allows one to be aware it is happening. <– <– This. Is PTSD. My PTSD is a direct result of the actions my abuser took. How my brain functions ~ N O W ~  is a direct mirror of how it functioned • t h e n • —during that trauma, during his actions. Those – e x a c t –  neural pathways are what I am currently trying to readjust. Analyzing his choices & all that happened during that time are the only things that have allowed me to understand—and therefore learn to prevent—my panic attacks & generalized panic. For my battle, “dwelling” on the past is what gives me ✨ f r e e d o m ✨. I am not dwelling on it negatively nor do I use any focus on it as a means to how I live my life now. I have put my past behind me in the ways that I can—in the ways it makes sense to. My relation to it otherwise is not a display of me living in the past, rather a direct show of my efforts to move forward. You’ll find me focusing on it only to understand the mechanisms allowing my brain to react against my will, ease the misunderstandings between loved ones, and give me insight how to assist changing such. I am .d w e l l i n g. only on how to help my brain move forward • w i t h • me. Maybe then I can teach it how to ~bounce~  back. … stormy 📸 @seeking___nirvana 😘😘
Beautiful Lovers, feeling all alone and depression are real. Tell me 👇👇👇please how you deal with depression. I get depressed a lot so I have a lot of tools. Please 👇🙋🏼🙋🏻🙋🙋🏾🙋‍♂️tag a friend this would inspire & help and follow me for daily inspiration. 🙂🌹🎶💜🌈
A common misconception about my illness (or any mental illness for that matter) is the idea that one should be able to just “move on” from it—making the suffering essentially self-induced, right? I feel this is brought up often for me given my relation of all symptoms back to the specific abuse that caused it. I’ll discuss later why I do this, but please understand that how my brain is currently functioning has nothing to do with whether I leave my past in the past. The intensity and duration of my abuse created some new neural pathways—closing off needed ones and strengthening those that are generally only needed for emergency decisions. My brain constantly functions in this state now; learning to live with PTSD is not something I can just ignore and, poof! I’ve moved on! That is not how this works; my symptoms are not a creation of some inability to move forward. Those with mental illness cannot just  C H O O S E  to move on, just as someone who breaks a leg cannot just ~choose~ to walk normally on it—such a notion is ridiculous. Many with mental illnesses must deal with a constant chemical imbalance for the remainder of their lives. My PTSD in particular leaves room for reconditioning, albeit something that requires an insane amount of constant hard work. Working  w i t h  my brain to lean towards using proper pathways to comprehend, react to, and store stimuli helps alleviate my symptoms. However, my brain still defaults to the pathways the abuse created. While I have started working towards fixing those pathways, there is a large chance this will affect me for the rest of my life. The methods I’ve learned to alleviate my symptoms will need to be a conscious effort for the rest of my life. There is no moving on, there is only moving ✨W I T H ✨ & that's okay. But others understanding such would be quite wonderful. 👍 ... quick shout out to @seeking___nirvana for mountaineering this "trail" with me, and being drenched in bugs and too much sunlight for extra time while I tried to determine how to get this shot. ily, bebe ❤️❤️
Post traumatic stress in abortion is widely debated and frequently overlooked. Clink the link in the bio for a short radio doc telling the story of two young women's experiences . #ptsd #ptsdchat #mhealth #mind #abortion #abortiondebate #pregancyannouncement #pregnantlife #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #perspective #producerlife #trauma #traumaticexperience #documentary
3am Morning Breeze, beautiful Lovers🙂🌹Tell me 👇👇👇🙋🏼🙋🏻🙋🙋🏾🙋‍♂️please, do you ever get depressed? I do!🙂🙂🌹🎶💜🌈
functioning •normally• vs. functioning with ||| P T S D ||| I’m at this interesting point in my recovery where I understand what both of those feel like. As I take in everyday stimuli, I’m able to consciously note the differences between how my brain reacts now versus how it did before my trauma. Which is 100% different—five years after the fact, I finally possess enough memories of my past to actually know that. >< Discussing what I do as often as I do creates space for others to feel as though my inability to –move on– from this is a direct result of dwelling too much in the past and focusing on the negatives. Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll slowly touch on the ~collection~ of things this route of thinking is missing. Mixed in there will be a collection of super ✨ e  X  c  I  t  I  n  G ✨ huuuuge things happening in my life right now (ya’ll, I’m so intensely pumped🙈) that I haven’t really told anyone about yet 😳... For now, I’m already in the process of growing my huuuuurs back out & am highly considering dying 'em blue/black again this week (like it was in this picture)…if you’ve read this far, thoughts?🤔🙃
Tonight is one of those nights. I have to remind myself to breathe, my musics way too loud, & medicating is a necessity to not be a dissociated lump. Times like this, the abused notions take over--my abuser painstakingly trained my brain to take all slightly negative things as cues to my self-worth. I feel trapped by overwhelming evidence to how shitty of a person I am, currently dwelling on: the complete disappearance of those I care about, as if I'm too low to deserve a quick explanation; lack of explanation when I gently ask for it, as if I'm asking too much or being irrational (gas-lighting is a bitch); being told I matter, but seeing likes on others' posts without a show of support for my own as though the former is a lie told because I'm not worth telling the truth. I know those are all silly, particularly the last one, but there's a direct abuse correlation to each one. Convincing my amygdala it's wrong takes a ton of constant careful management that sometimes gets the better of me... So here's a personal reminder of a time I didn't feel weighed down...I was driving on our road trip and took a random stop to stretch my legs. The stop led into the woods to overlook this. An older woman near me asked if I was going to go swim in the ocean. I laughed and said, "Of course not! It's cold!" ...then proceeded to hike down the cliff & over the driftwood to do so anyways. My feet were numb. The wind was piercing. But the seclusion and the beauty left me feeling weightless. I can push through this for feelings like that ✨✨
The Morning Breeze PTSD My Love, this PTSD hits people hard out of nowhere it seems with no regard to gender, to age or anything, and no one understanding the pain of just being. 🌈💜🌹Beautiful Lovers, please tag a friendp this would inspire and follow me for daily inspiration. 🙂🌹🎶💜🔥
Beautiful Lovers, please tag a friend this would inspire and follow me for daily inspiration. Thank you. 🙂🎶🌈🌹😘💜
✨🌙✨ & these nights I feel whole. 🌕🌕
I am me. And for once, I know who that is. ✨ Just got word back that my ankle iiiiisss..... fractured. The pop I heard was my tendon pulling apart my bone (it was a great noise to hear 😉). While that's definitely not the news one would hope for--and the necessary change to my lifestyle for a bit will be tough as hell--I'm doing great. I've started to feel a lot more like myself lately; I finally know who the fuck I even am; and this is just one more thing to learn and grow from. Here's to being an overly adaptable human ☀️🙃☀️
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