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🌟🌟excellent thanks to @theemilycox
“There is a shade of red for every woman.” Audrey Hepburn * _____________________ Photo critique: I’m a simple man, I see a big stone in a garden, I use it as a frame :) * _____________________ Model: @elisejohnander * _____________________ 📸Gear: Sigma 85mm 1.4 + 70D * _____________________ ⚙️ Settings: 1/50s - 2.5 - ISO100 (I should have increased my ISO here to increase my shutter speed below 1/80s) * _____________________ 💁Posing: ✅ Classic posing on one feet with a well defined S curve here. ➖Right arm creates a too strong 90° angle that takes some of the glamour away.. * _____________________ 💡Light: ✅ It's a one light setup, a speedlite with a light-through umbrella. ➖ My tripod was not high enough to get a Rembrandt angle. ➖ My shutter speed was too slow, so I picked up too much ambient light and I’ve lost the beloved directional light of my speedlite. * _____________________ 📺 Post-Prod: I removed some of the dress creases and wrinkles on PS through DB technique. And I played with the tree leaves color in the background to flatter the dress color. * _____________________ 🌴Location: If you can read this: “Trädgårdsföreningen”, then you know the Göteborg’s Park where I’ve shot this picture (And u probably Swedish :)) ) * _____________________ #portrait #casablanca #morocco #swedengirl #sweden #gothenburg #Göteborg #model #babes #blonde #glamour #reddress #fallfashion #tightdress #portraitfestival #lifeportraits #portraitmood #portraitphotography #portrait_shots #portraitsmag #portraitvision #forest #fall
excellent thanks to @milesofcolor 📷👌
I’m definitely not counting down the days until we go to Hawaii. Definitely not. But if you ask, I’ll tell you there’s only 134 days left.
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