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Happy 5th birthday Daisy! 🎈🎈
Who wants a hotdog? 🌭
Lulu sticking her tongue out whilst sleeping 👅
Flash back to when lulu was a little pup!
Daisy sun baking with her friend 🌞
Hola Bestie, Bienvenida 😍 @bucheorts 🎁
Forever swimming in the ocean 🌊
when your kitten has better furniture than you do ....
Hello, my name is Claude and I am a 13 week old Siberian 🐾
Ruby was having a photo shoot but then it got interrupted by one of our neighborhood cats May😻 • #goals #cutenessoverload #obsessed #guineapigs #guineapig #piggies #pigs #photography #photoshoot #petsodinstagram #petagram #animalsofinstagram
Ma need some help! Ma has found a lot of dry patches of skin in me and would like to know if anyone had some good recommendations on what we can do to treat it? She is changing my food and doing a omega 3 tablet. All recommendations would help Thank! #bostonterrier #bostonterriercult #bostonterrierlove #bostonterrierofinstagram #help #skin #hotspot #bostonterrierproblems #dog #pet #petsodinstagram
"Ohhh.. CatBoxClub reduced their price AND are giving away their first box FREE, AND are adding a BONUS Christmas gift!"😻😻😻😻 #happycat #cats #giveaways #kitty #catboxclub
Got attacked by a vicious guard dog earlier today. lels #Yorkie #Teacup
Meet the newest addition to the family, Claude the Siberian. He is way smaller than he looks in pictures but is already the best!
#sadpuppy wants mommy to get out of the scary bathtub. Also know as #dramaticpuppy she scared of the bathroom so she just whines at the door . #dogsofinstagram #petsodinstagram
YOUR PET WOULD LOVE YOU EVEN MORE IF YOU GOT ONE OF THESE! 😍🐕🔥😺 The perfect gift🎁 for a pet owner. TAG A CAT AND DOG LOVER WHO WOULD ❤️ THIS! GET YOURS NOW 👉👉 We ship free worldwide 🌎 Start bonding with your fur baby. #furrbaby #instadeals #dailydeals #instadaily #instacute #instashop #instashopping #instapet #petsodinstagram #dogsofinstagram #dogworld #dognation #crazydoglady #crazycatlady #ilovemydog #ilovemypet #mydogisfamily #mydogismybaby #mydpgismybestfriend #dogrescue #petrescue #iamapetlover #chihuahuasofinstagram #pugsofinstagram #puglover #bulldog #frenchbulldog #bostonterrier #catwoman
Hope they find a place called home soon.. 😔
Bought the horse a new blanket but Muffin thinks it works better as a bed 🐱💤
Romeo cuddles are the best cuddles 😊❤ #romeolongorio
Can't take my eyes off of you 😉😍
Flagrado em um caso de amor com a cama dos meus humanos! 😹 Como vocês estão, amiguíneos? 🐱 Eu não vomitei mais, mas papaizíneo e mamãezínia suspenderam o sachê. Nem foi só por minha causa, foi porque a Yondu teve algumas crises de espirro depois de comer. Eles estão tentando investigar se pode ser alguma alergia, amanhã ela volta no vet para eles verem se pode ser isso. 😽 Eu tenho aproveitado muito que meus humanos estão em casa o dia todo pra dormir perto e brincar com eles. Eles já me explicaram que o nome disso é férias e que em breve voltaremos à nossa rotina, onde eu fico como guardião da casa de tarde. 🐱 Yondu fica dizendo que ela que é a caçadora oficial e que protege a casa, mas eu sei que ela diz isso só pra me provocar. E ela consegue, porque corro atrás dela e assim a gente começa nossa brincandeira de pega pega! 😹 #hodor #cat #gato #kitty #lindo #cute #instacats #instapets #catsofınstagram #petsofig #petsodinstagram
"One of our greatest test is to see if we are able to bless someone else while we are going through our own storm" . This photo was taken after the little one worked a full day from what was suppose to be a weekend playing with over 200 different breeds of dogs at #discoverdogs. Unexpectedly A lady was let down by others promising to help her in the show stand. Herself and her poor doggies was knackered from a whole day of meeting and greeting. Her amazingly beautiful #japanesespitz had a full day of activity with no rest. By reaching out to her, I had offered myself and @hachi_8mui at her service for Sunday to let her and her #doggo's rest. As @mika_and_me & Hachi wow the crowd with thier beauty; the 4 other doggos slept through the noise. The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. Big thanks to @mika_and_me, @hachi_8mui and everyone that participated in the #dogshow. A well deserved rest for all! Xx
Halloween is fast approaching! What are your thoughts on a MerDog?
I love car rides 🚗❤️
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