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Make the time to address your pain, follow your coping strategies, heal, & move forward. #healing #mentalhealthrecovery #peaceofmind #stepstohealingandrecovery #begoodtoyourself #begentletoyourself #betterdaysareciming
Make the time to address your pain, follow your coping strategies, heal, & move forward. #healing #mentalhealthrecovery #peaceofmind #stepstohealingandrecovery #begoodtoyourself #begentletoyourself
#bebrave ✌👊Bravery is the ability to tackle your insecurities and fears in spite of all the low confidence and fear. It’s the ability to face all your fears and move on and get over the fears. Brave means to be courageous, to put yourself in danger when others might not .  It's really a very good quality because it let you to act out of the box. #beautiful #life #happy #smile #bestrong #peaceofmind #love #light #peace #instagood #photooftheday #courage #brave #confidence
Cotton candy skies I call home. If you're like me, you feel as if you have the world at your feet but you don't know what direction to take that first step. When you're open to a universe of opportunity, it may become easy to be lost in the choices & really figure out YOUR path. Through meditation and basing my choices off of feeling I have been able to gain clarity of at least the "who I am" part... which seems to be a wild spirit who loves sunsets, sunrises, & synchronicity. Wake up early & meditate. Through your clear mind you will naturally wander to the thoughts you are needed to face in the day. Ask your guides & God to then give you the signs and answers you need to those challenging choices you feel are holding you back. Have real faith that you will receive your truth, because you really will when you believe. Magic is real and it does through the universe abundantly. The world so big can make you feel so small, but that's the beauty. You are a pearl in the oyster. Remember to call home when you need. 🌅🌼🌿 #synchronicity #sunset #selfhelp #love #peaceofmind
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