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Since I've barely taken any pics recently (mostly because I've been so busy here in Seville), here's yet another one from Tarifa 🌸 And it's #tbt , what a coincidence!
When you walk so high just to get into a Jesus's head and then you still walk down with no answers :D
"They said we couldn't travel to Greece, so we traveled to Greece!" - * @djkhaled voice * || Zakinthos, Greece 🇬🇷 || @istayonthagrind 😎|| #blackguystraveltoo || TAG us or use our hashtag for a feature!
Trestevere es sin duda el barrio más encantador de Roma
Maybe something you wouldn't expect from me, but I have a very big interest in police/murder cases. I'm so curious how criminal minds work. If I could do everything over I would definitely study forensic psychology!! When I visited Alcatraz they had an exhibition about the Alcatraz prisoners. Real life photo's with their life story. I read all of them. It was so interesting.
Moments where I'm glad I can zoom in and respect a beautiful beast's space 😅 no matter the distance, having that head of antlers aiming in your direction always gets the adrenaline going. --> YMCA of the Rockies, Colorado, USA
🍋| I've heard it; I've said it- "I can't wait to see what life has for me." But when did we bend to the idea that we should "wait & see" or that life is a mystery that we're supposed to figure out. What dream seems impossible to you right now? You have the drive; you have the "know how;" you'll have the support. So, just do it. This is a tiny reminder to be an active participant in your life, not just a curious bystander. | 📷: @bennyventura
BAHAMA MAMA || 🌸🌸🌸 @cammi__berri #URBNTRVL #bahamas
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