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Mother Nature is getting back at us ... we've changed everything!! From killing our trees to killing animals, killing the air that we breathe in, the air that Gods creations breathes in .. there's so much more. Man, hug your family, kiss your kids, pray for them, pray for humanity, pray for this planet, pray for forgiveness. You just never know what tomorrow brings or what tonight brings, or when ever, appreciate life & your love ones! Not just because of everything that's been going on but because that's what you should always do💙 What this planet needs is PEACE & LOVE & more RESPECT🙏🏻👩‍👦‍👦🌎🌍🌏 #mothernature #prayformexico #prayforpuertorico #prayfortheworld I love it how we all help each other during disasters .. but yet we're still fighting each other, you can't just pray for one day & not pray for the next day ? Just because everything worked out for that one specific time ... you get me ? I hope so. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Mother Nature at her finest... • Tags: #Aesthetic #Water #Beautiful #MotherNature
¡CONCIENCIA! -La madre tierra nos está dando claras señales de los daños que le hemos causado. Es tiempo de tomar conciencia, la naturaleza nos está pasando factura. 🌎🌱 #besafe #hurricanemaria #puertorico #mothernature #alltheworld #takeaction
A spectacular day... a few highlights... coffee and conversation with my amazing roommate, yoga at Sattva, coffee again at Jet City with a divine spirit, heard Canon in D by Pachelbel and was immediately transported to Venezia listening to musicians in the Piazza at night, the beach... the beach... the beach... phone calls with people I love and cherish... opening beautiful cards from people I love, text messages from more spectacular loved ones, reading EVERY SINGLE FACEBOOK message from all of you and trying to reply to each one, but the overwhelming abundance of you who took the time to wish me a happy birthday made my heart swell with gratitude!!! Reading much of the 'Grandmothers Counsel the World' and connecting with Mother Earth today... my birthday wish this year and perhaps for the rest of my lifetime is that we come together and start honoring the earth and being her stewards as we were meant to be... that we each find ways to minimize our own carbon footprints... that the rape and pillage of the natural resources comes to an end and we learn to live harmoniously with this incredible planet and all of its amazing creatures, including the human race... that we start behaving responsibly and connect with one another with kindness and compassion.... Thank you all for making today deliciously special with your loving birthday wishes! I love you all! #birthdaygirl #beauty #motherearth #gratitude #divine #honortheearth #mothernature #nature #birthdaywishes #beach #connection #source
Lo mejor está por llegar 🇲🇽🙏🏻🌎🌅 después de la tormenta sale el arcoiris 🌈 #livebyblanca #liveyouradventure #prayformexico #mexican #mothernature #todoestarabien #somosfuertes
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