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This is where it all started. Big dreAms have small beginnings. Where did you start off? Let's hear it @throughmedia
So very relatable! But luckily we are both blessed with parents who, though confused, try and take the time to understand what we spend our days doing! We even have one of our parents as a client 💁🏻🌟
Para gestionar correctamente comentarios negativos , tenes que reconocer estos tres (3) tipos de usuarios : . . -Usuarios con insatisfacción 🤔: A pesar de su descontento brinda soluciones . -El Agresivo 😤: Muchas veces no sabe lo que quiere , tendrás que responderle rápido y hacerle seguimiento . -Troll 👹:No se basa en una experiencia real, ataca directamente a la marca 🤔¿Competencia? . El secreto está es reconocerlo rápidamente y darle repuesta inmediata,todos son importantes.
⭕️SEI D'ACCORDO? Domani post completo sulla pagina (Link in BIO)⭕️ Quando vi offrono un servizio gratuito, ricordate sempre, in qualche modo lo state pagando!!!
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Prepping for the Andover Festival of Motoring this weekend. Banners and flyers at the ready! #marketingmanager #marketing #graphicdesign #bosslady #carpr #carfest #carsales #motoring #festivalofmotoring #andover
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