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... and suddenly you know it's time for new beginnings ✨
📍 London , United Kingdom 🇬🇧 📍 Лондон , Великобритания 🇬🇧 📷: @lakudavies
I’ll be honest, I still don’t think I’ve entirely processed what happened last weekend. What I do know is that somehow, I managed to take a whopping 27 minutes off the time I finished the Paris marathon 🙌😲 . There’s a whole load of things I’ve learnt about myself and about running in the seven months since Paris. I won’t list them here but despite a recent injury, I’ve managed to prove to myself that I’m stronger than before and I’m excited for what this might mean for my 2018 plans. Consider my running mojo finally back in the house! 🎊🎉 . This post is entirely 100% self-indulgent but next time my mojo leaves town, I want to know this is here. I want to be able to dig it out and remind myself what I’m capable of. So, excuse me for a second while I indulge myself 🙈 . First post-marathon run planned at @parkrunuk tomorrow morning.
It's that #friday #feeling to #makeitreign @ldnreign X @aceofclubs_ ♣️ || DM me OR #whatsappme for #guestlist & #reservations ♣️🔥💃
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