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Today is a day that makes me feel so conflicted as a shop owner. I loathe Black Friday. From the pressure on people to spend money on things they don’t even want right up to the extreme scenes of people losing their shit for a flatscreen tv. It feels dirty, soulless and nothing I want to be a part of. And then there’s the part of me that knows that I have rent to pay. The part of me that knows all too well that things are hard this year and unlike summer, I’m having to really work to keep the money coming in. As much as I would like to sit this one out, I can’t. But here’s something I feel more comfortable with, promoting not Black Friday, but Indie Friday. Buying small and making sure the limited money I have goes towards businesses with a bit of soul. And if you would like to do the same then that’s awesome too. ☺️ #justacard #campaignshopsmall #indiefriday
We are SO VERY pleased to announce that today is the day. The day that our beloved website, that we've toiled and teared up and tossed (in bed) over, is finally ready to be shared with you *[all the praise hands]* So if you've been kinda dying to get your hands on a set of our incredibly luxe 100% bamboo silky soft extra breathable sleepwear, take a look at the link in our bio (but the desktop version is the sexiest, so crack your laptop open rather) Pre-buy for deliver first week of December🛍 - Note that of course the site is brand spanking new✨so there might be a few glitches and bugs lurking in the shadows. If you do spot any, please do let us know so we can fix it. #humansinpyjamas
Mirror mirror on the wall... Inspire me, I am an artist after all!
Just moseying on over to share the news that the @nightire website has launched (link in bio- but the desktop version is the sexiest😎) You can now get your hands on a gorgeous set of 100% bamboo sleepwear: pre-orders are a-go, with everything getting sent off first week of December. The site is brand spanking new so please do let me know if you've hopped on and found any bugs or glitches: I aim to please. #humansinpyjamas
Доброе утро друзья 😇 Сегодня раскроем цель наших групповых занятий для детей и их родичей 👨‍👩‍👧 Итак : ✅ Формирование сплочённости ✅Создание положительного настроения ✅Развитие творческого мышления ✅Развитие коммуникативных отношений ✅Обучение родителей приемам работы с детьми ✅Укрепление детско-родительских отношений #творчество #отношения #детииродители . . . . . . . . . с #групповыезанятия #индивидуальныеуроки #творчество #искусство #занятиясдетьми #занятиясмалышами #спб #санктпетербург #индивидуальныезанятия #групповыезанятия #живопись #урокиживописи #carveouttimeforart #artstudio #thenativecreative #artforthehome #art_we_inspire #createeveryday #livecreatively #creativelife #creatives #artsupplieshaul
Muse meets make. This is Juniper, named after a call for suggestions from Facebook friends. I wonder what is going through the beige dog’s head in this shot? “Can I eat it?”. “Are you going to throw it away and get me to bring it back?” “I like the colour but I’m not so sure about the eyebrows”, “And your point is?”. “When’s dinner?”. Answers on a postcard to........ Happy Friday folks. #weimlove #createmakeshare #waketomake #freestylecreativeliving #thehandmadeparade #livecreatively #modernmaker #abmcrafty #showyourwork #seekinspirecreate #craftsposure #celebratinghandmade
The Friday night unwind... let’s hope it’s not an unravel... 🙆🏼
Black Friday sale going on now! Get 25% off + free shipping! Entire line of "Fame" decor pillows & leggings are now available! I'll be posting new items throughout the weekend. Stop by soon for unique gift ideas for the trendsetter in your life. Link in bio.
I am beyond excited to be heading to @unbounders tonight, to discuss “Fire and Hemlock” by Diana Wynne Jones on “Backlisted Podcast” with @elinorcook. Elinor and I both read this book about 25 years ago and have been obsessed with it ever since, re-reading it numerous times, so this is a real treat for us. 📚✨
So you know if it’s all quiet on the Imogen front on here usually something quite the opposite is going on.... so as it was there were 5 ladies yesterday (6 including me) all at full pelt, me wizzing and checking, with barely a sniff of my usual 5 brew a day ( although I did mange a chocolate biscuit at around 4 o’clock) .... did someone say SALE? (our first day was very good)...a perfect day to Instagram no? .... sadly, telling this story is an area where I fall short & and looking forward to 2018 I really really want to do much better at, there is SO much to see and tell! Being a small business owner there are many hard challenges to face, and as the business grows it does become much harder- juggling the tasks, managing the Studio, and sharing it all...( and being a great & hands on Mum too) I’m thinking of all the strategy’s to put in place to make this happen, and it starts with building a good team ( great potential at the moment ), a bold leader ( I must try and shelve my shyness and get my mug on stories but😳) and a simpler outlook... I’m going back to basics with the designing in order to spend less time in front of the computer, and to design more efficiently... que pic: simple design (not simpler).....I’m also considering a whole range of work which is totally hand finished ( doesn’t really sound time efficient does it) but this is totally for me to enjoy the process more, and get the focus back of why I started this business in the first place! and of course to finally be able share the process in real time with you! ....anyway really want to thank you all for sticking by me, and I look forward to sharing all this with you on the year ahead! Wish me luck! ( END NEW YEAR MESSAGE... a little premature 😂) xxxxxxx #imogenheath #patternyourhome #livecreatively #creativelife #creativeprocess #creativehappylife #smallbusiness #creativeentrepeneur #workingmum #worklifebalance #motivation #tangerine
So I’m having a super sale over on my Facebook page!! Trudy L resin artist. Buy 3 of these and get one totally free, with free shipping aus wide. There’s also a few more sale items, ends tomorrow!! #blackfridaydeals #sale #trudylowndes #resin #resinart #resinartist #resinpendants #supporthandmade #uniquegifts #arts #artist #creativeliving #fluidart #pendants #loveasale #christmasgifts #livecreatively #frostyourself #colourinyourlife #artsy #australianartist #artforsale #artforchristmas #artofvisuals #craftyart
Das kleine Einhorn und ich wünschen dir ein regenbogenbuntes und zauberhaftes Wochenende! . Merci für eure Kommentare zum letzten Eintrag. In meinem neuen Blogpost habe ich den direkten Link zur Anleitung aufgeschrieben. . #Happyweekend #itsweekend #weekend #blogger_ch #bloggerin #schwiizerbloggerin #swissblogger #blogger #diy #diyblogger #livecreatively #mehraufmeinemblog #newblogpost @ms.eni
It's the second-last day of my Advent Calendar clue countdown! Can you believe it?
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