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There is always a rainbow at the end of the road in Iceland 🌈
v - i - 007
Dim sum time, of course. 🇭🇰 #hongkong
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✨✨✨I think it’s beautiful the way you sparkle when you talk about the things you love -Atticus✨✨✨
First "storm" of the season provides nearly empty sidewalks in an otherwise busy downtown location.
: Fechsen Ostallgäu . .
Yesterday I attended @Ted Brighton and it was AMAZING !!! So many people, so many backgrounds, all completely passionate about their thing. It's good to get fired up and inspired every once in a while! We laughed, cried, cringed and were on the edge of our seats. It got us thinking about our thing and why we do what we do, and wondering, what would be our utopia, ideal world and space?.. . We're passionate about helping businesses and people be visible online in a way which feels GOOD to them. It's about enabling them to have a purposeful platform to shout about their passion! We want to be your architect, to build your platform, and give you a loud speaker in front of your ideal audience. We will help small businesses and people unpick their passions and distill it into a brand that they feel proud of. Our utopia is working with people who have something important to say, a purpose to share or passion to make a difference. Our wonderland is where has a voice which makes them feel proud.
TRA CASE E CASTELLI Questa è la storia del borgo di Palagianello. In questo antico borgo i bambini con le loro famiglie visiteranno il Castello feudale accogliendo le sue storie e leggende. I bambini verranno poi coinvolti, all’interno di una piazza chiusa da casette a schiera e dal castello, nei tipici giochi di un tempo. Partecipa alla visita guidata gratuita , info al link in bio Le prenotazioni (consigliate e non obbligatorie) terminano il 21/10 alle ore 12:00 Punto d'incontro: Piazza Giovanni Paolo II #raccontodipuglia
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