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Actual liquid gold @simonandlee
Kailasa (2/3) || Still can’t believe he let me this close haha.
Would you abseil down this 176 meters hole? Check out @thompsonfilm article and amazing video about his trip in Harwoods Hole. Link in bio.
Stuck in a daydream 🌞
The foundation for self-worth and love is engrained in all of us, it’s up to us to let it bloom. #wherethegreenthingsflow 🌿 β€’ πŸ“· via. @alison__wu
Been a minute 🌸
β€” live for the night 🀘 [324/365] --β€’β€’ β€’- -β€’β€’β€’ β€’-β€’ β€’β€’ β€’β€’β€’ -β€’- β€’β€’ | β€’--β€’ --- β€’β€’ -β€’ -
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