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Practicing my bikini poses in my @jed_north shorts 😂
Add this into your next workout 4 sets of 60 seconds. #JustTrain
I'm not shredded, I'm not working out 6 days a week like I used to, I'm not counting any foods I eat, I'm making healthy choices and doing cardio about once a day learning how to be happy and healthy with my body again instead of obsessing with being shredded all the time, I struggle everyday with body image and it feels good to be able to learn how to be happy with myself again. 🔥 #goodvibes #healthy #fitness 👌🏼
Nursing a Torn Hip has been Nothing Less than Frustrating... Happy to Add a Little Weight to the Bar Today! 💪🏋🏽‍♀️ #crossfit #snatch #squats
Decided to do some sumo deadlifts to start off leg day. Feels good after not doing them for so long. #gym #fitness #workout #fit #lifting #motivation #gains #legs
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