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12 #SelfAnalysisMonth | Gifts of Life. With all the Harry Potter movies watched already, holiday mood and nostalgic feelings are starting to set in. This year has been challenging, yet so magical at the same time for me. Looking back, it seems as if I have received so many gifts. Gifts in a form of people, life events, and of course, some great lessons. Even the bumpiest road turned out to be the gift. But it's not only about receiving, it's also about giving back and sharing, being there for others - sometimes as a support, sometimes - as a part of someone else's lesson to be learned. We are all connected in so many wonderful ways 💫 ❤ ⭐
We couldn't be more excited for today's guest post from @mary.kuti! She is a wife, boy-mom, and sprit-filled worship leader at @lifechurchokc. Her passion is music and her pursuit is Jesus. She truly believes we all have great purpose and no matter who you are, YOU are a woman of influence. We know you'll love her as much as we do! #linkinbio #thewelltoday
The addiction is real! 🖤👽
The CUTEST pamper night with my twinny 😍 So happy to have my big sister home please never leave me again ❤️ @bynatureskincare #BNNight_In #Twinning
Достаточно ли у вас смелости для мечтаний? Читайте пост по ссылке в профиле, и узнайте, какого мнения о мечтах я ☕️ Доброго утра и удачного дня всем на учебе/работе ☺️ Я сегодня могу позволить себе такую роскошь как неспешный завтрак и поваляться в кровати немного дольше 😴
I have always that been that girl who takes a drink bottle EVERYWHERE! Sometimes I feel a little dorky, but this gal loves to stay hydrated. My standard water drinking just got a whole lot cooler thanks to @sodastreamnz 💙 Here I just used the new SodaStream SPIRIT to make soda water then added strawberries and a @redsealnz fruit tea bag! A delish and healthy alternative to store bought fizzy drinks! 🍓PLUS no need to buy a multitude of plastic bottles when you can reuse this one. 🌏🍃
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