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Lash Swag Flash Sale happening right now !!! Link in bio to shop! #younique #youniquepresenter #youniquemakeup #youniqueproducts #youniqueswag #lashwag #lashboss
The June Bundle is going fast! Only 35.00 while supples last. Link in bio to order #ysisters #youniquepresenter #youniqueproducts #youniquemakeup #lashwag #lashboss #youniqueswag #younique
With no makeup, @lovemesomecoco still look so pretty. Enjoy your trip lady🎉
Cat eyes look with mix of my CC and D curl 0.06mm thickness .
Hyprid 3D 0.07 D curl with cat eye's effect from 9-15 , hyprid is my favorites style , not too much dramatic but still giving a full lash effect and we can go with longest length if client want something special !
She can be a sleeping beauty with these pretty lashes !
This is her front look . Using D curl 0.12 mm to open up her eyes vertically
It's been a while I didn't do classic set , but I love how natural the #classiclashextensions turns out .
I had fun to do lashes for @ashley__jenks .
My 3 weeks retention make me so happy 😁. This is classic set only , using my branded glue
Some thing new for the year of 2017 ! New gift set from my own brand #G-Lash cleanser , organic ingredients .
#3dlashes with #Glash brand
I wish I can have this eyes ☝️️Using my own 0.06 lashes 🎉 Mix of C and CC curl from 8-12. So exciting when I can have my own line of lash and glue as I wished .
#lashtips for long eyes 🎉 use a lot of lengths for transitioning (inner and outer corner ). The protruded area try not using long length and don't mix to much length , keep it 1 or 2 length at most . Here I'm using 7-12 #c curl but the protruded area i only use 1/3 is 11 and the rest is 12 .
C and D curl mix 0.07 mm . She has beautiful eyes but it protrude and downward ,i wanted to go up to 12 only but i ended up go up to 13 because her virgin lashes are so long . Any recommend ?
#ccurl with mix #3d and #4dlashes from 9-14. Now @misscherie.a can ready for her party 🎉
My 60 years old client want to be noticeable on Christmas Eve .
Dear friends, if you like this little gift , just tag #lash_brow_by_gigi and dm your mailing address . I will send you this cutie gift for free .
Now she can wake up with no make up !
Such a pretty transforming . Another trick for upward eyes ! Do darker in the end and lighter at the inner corner so can bring down the eyes , try not go too short at the end ( I used 9 in other last 3 lashes only )
Every i enjoy my works. I don't stick with one style and my clients love exploring different styles as much as I do . Thanks for trusting me !
The pretty eyes are the one can tell stories more than the tongue 👅
Length or density ? First set I used 15 C curl mix of classic and volume lashes . Second set i used 12 D curl with 3 D mix 4D . Here's the trick ! Go long for client who has not much lashes and not full volume , go shorter for full volume lash . Which set you prefer?
Which one you prefer ? I'm using curl and D curled mix for both style . With classic , I used kitten style with longest length is 13. With hyprid set I used round eye style with longest length is 12 only . If you notice you will see I did skip the outer corner for classic style because I didn't want the eyes look tired . But with volume one , I went all the way to the outer with length 9 but still make a nice end .
Holiday is coming ! Let's buy friend a Lash set and receive $15 off for your next coming service ❤️️❤️️ this week I have 2 opening spot are : Wednesday at 4 pm and Friday at 12 pm . Promotion only for this week #cypermonday
Hybrid set for one of my lovely client !
Robot necklaces #jewelry #lashwag #losangeles