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많이도 시켰네 🍳
오랜만에 외출 🧚🏻‍♂️ 내 에너지를 다 뺏어가는 울 아가땜인가 돌아다니는 것 그렇게 좋아하던 내가 집순이가 됐당... 요즘은 남편이 나가자하면 거절만 매번 😂 미안해용
Egg bennie...California style means 🥑
S’mores kind of night 🍫🔥 #YellowHouseCafe #Smores
Objects in picture are closer than they appear. 🦃
For a healthy and delicious meal on the go our fresh Jerk Chicken Tacos are a must!
Craving pho 🍲 and pho sandwich ? This place is the to go to if you are around the area ! The pho sandwich dip is one of the best I had! Slide for more pics: 🍽pho baguette 🥖 dip : beef brisket, bean sprouts, Thai basil 🌿, jalapeño with pho dip on the side 🍽vegan pho 🍲
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