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Summer vibes 🌞
Alright guys what's the deal? Is @kyliejenner pregnant or not? The last whole body photo she posted was on September 19th. & who really knows if that was a throwback?! The photos posted since have all been neck up. Suspicious right? Is she pregnant or just playing the publicity? If she is, by who? Travis or Tyga?? Or is she @kimkardashian 's surrogate? If so that's astonishing that she would do something so extreme for her sister. Her body is her money maker so I highly doubt that's the case! We will know eventually. #kyliejenner #tyga #travisscott #pregnant #kylie #youtubenewsonly #throwback #kyliepregnant #kimkardashian
Which do you choose?
❀I have been working on my edit so lonnngg but I’m back β™‘ - 21/11/17 β€’10,585 - Comment β€˜β„οΈβ€™ to be tagged on my next post🧑 #arianagrande #arianagrandebutera #selenagomez #kyliejenner #justinbieber #gaintricks #gainpost #followtrain
Honestly, you go girl!
Oh my god, what a body mom @haileybaldwin 😍
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