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Tree sitting 🍂
happy belated birthday @estherfaithgoh !!! we rarely take photos together and nowadays my posts are so lag this is 3 days late and featuring a photo from last June 😂😂😂 But I just wanted to say thanks for being such a great friend all day every day & ILY ❤❤❤❤
GAROPABA 12 DE OUTUBRO: SUNSET SESSION DE PRESENTE ✨O SKYE PUB Parador presenteia os hóspedes do Hotel Silveira Ecovillage com um final de tarde incrível, regado a boa música no visual mais bonito de Garopaba! O evento será realizado no sábado, dia 14/10, a partir das 17h, no deck da piscina! Vem curtir o feriado com a gente! ---- Confira nosso pacote de 03 diárias para casal com café da manhã: a partir de 5X R$223,00. Reservas e informações: (48) 3354-1740 (48) 99133-1195 WhatsApp reservas
What a magical place.
Oh god.. I've seem to have crashed on a straight alien planet where all the plants are so obscure 👽
This is still on my Bucketlist, how about yours? Tag a pal! Follow @travelraido for more 👈 * Image: @everchanginghorizon *
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