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Le luci dell'alba cambiare colore. ☀️🌊🐚💘
Follow @hollypoettree 4 more poems like these: in my experience too many men have been deserters that moment comes when you most need their strength - they're gone and you are by yourself again but there are some who are steady, faithful they just keep loving and loving and you can rest, assured that anytime you glance their way they'll still be there as much as they can be the ones who lift you up to stand on top of their own feet when you're barefoot and the driveway is too hot to cross, when dancing but you really don't know how... and strong enough to carry you inside when you're too tired there are some - brave men who say that this is what it should be like and anything else is just a shame not what it ought to be who love you unconditionally before you even know to love them back you haven't known that kind of love before til slowly, gently, in time you see how: notes left on your table the hopes you hear him pray when you have made wrong choices and he is afraid you see the light on early in the living room the coffee pot turned on for you as you stumble into the kitchen not thinking when you say the parking lot outside this building feels a little unsafe and leaving later - there he is outside he calls you pumpkin head and somehow it's a compliment so much patience on display it's hard to ever feel deserving you hide when you are angry seeking refuge in the closet or under the bed (for you are small) and you think he won't put in the effort to find you but he's not tricked so far later, heart crushed, lied to, you run out the door you're only down the street before his car pulls up when you don't have a valentine and he says you're still mine you love love love to sing and that came right from him and when you start to play he comes and joins right in through every choice he makes that could have been less true through every sacrifice you know he made for you as seasons turn you realize love is just like this not everyone knows how but some men still excel and give of all they have so they can love you well and I feel so extremely blessed that one of those, for me, I can call "dad". <3
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#streetphotography in #sanfrancisco He was sweeping his patio, and burst out laughing when I asked to take his photo. I managed to get him to not smile long enough for me to take his #portrait. It was another warm interaction between two strangers. . . . . . #fujifilm #instadaily #picoftheday #instagramhub #instatalent #fujifeed #sfsf17 #photojournalism #storytelling #photostreet #streetphoto #ig_street #wearethestreet ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #streetphotographers #natgeo #lensculture #documentaryphotography #smile #fun #bestoftheday #sfo #kelbyone #bestplacestogo #instagood #featureshoot #travel
Well, my first "serious" test with Corel's Painter Essentials 5 - I did everything in Painter, from the initial sketch through to completion of this lop-sided robot. He started off as a crazy series of lines, and I just kind of ran with it like a kid with scissors. This guy also probably represents the most detail I've tried to work into a digital painting... and thanks to everyone who came along during my live-stream to help keep my company as I fleshed this guy out. Now all he needs is a story. Do you think I should continue down this style, or keep exploring? That's the beauty of being a beginner, I guess, I'm not locked into any style at the moment -I certainly don't have my own yet- so it's a fantastic time to play and just see what comes up. #art #art_sanity #art_spotlight #art_worldly #artFido #arthabit #artist #artistic_nation #artistic_unity #artoftheday #arts_gallery #artsanity #arts_secret #artstation #assemble_art #characterdesign #cre8hype #creative #design #doodle #digital #digitalart #illustration #illustrator #instaart #instatalent #worldofartists #corelpainter #corel #robot
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