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nobody got electrocuted nobody died don't worry
You played yourself 😈✹
dear oli/spouse (ur a Good Tree); FOUR YEARS! WHOA! i can't believe IT! four years ago i would've never expected to be who i am today, and a lot of who i am is because of you, we have shaped each other so much in the last few years it's CRAZY, can you believe when we met we both thought we were straight um?? A True Mystery on how we thought that?? i think it's really cute & Precious that we both came out to each other first, too. you're still the first to know ANYTHING going on in my life to this day! because i trust you with literally everything. i truly think you're my soulmate?? & i really can't tell you how much you mean to me, because that amount is infinite. you have ALWAYS supported me and been there for me through EVERYTHING for the last four years. i can't believe it?? you've never ignored me or made me feel like i wasn't important, you've always been here to remind me i am & it means SO much to me. it really does. you are my precious lil angel baby and i love you so so much )): thank you for constantly being here for me through all the ups and downs in life, thank you for never giving up on me, i promise im never gonna give up on you. thank you for being the best spouse a girl could ever ask for <33 you are such a beautiful human being, inside and out. and i am so lucky i get to call that person my best friend. i cannot wait until the day i get to hug you & cuddle w you and go to concerts with you and just! everything! we are gonna do everything okay i PROMISE. i also can't wait for the star tattoos we're gonna get, can u say spouse goals??? đŸ˜â€ïž we are & forever will be the most iconic duo out there! happy four years baby, I'm sorry this notes not that great jssidjdksn but i hope u like the videos!! i love you so so much <333 love, emma/your wife <3
Once in awhile
The hardest part about working out is going to the gym, working out, & not seeing any results. People can tell you "You look like you are loosing weight " or "You look like you are gaining some muscle ", but when you look in the mirror or when you get on the scale and you don't see any progress or progression....I know that can discourage you. I can tell you that it's not gonna happen over night. You have to be very consistent and persistent with your #fitnessjourney. My advice to you is don't be discouraged & keep working hard. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean change is not happening. Sometimes, you may have lost some weight(fat) but you gained some muscle in the process and your weight may has not changed. You may not see it, but your gains are there. #StayPositive, #keepgrinding , & #dontgiveup on yourself. I can also say if you aren't consistent you won't see any progress. You do have to really work for it and keep working. One day this week, 2 days the next week, & no days the following week just won't work(if you want to see a real change). Get with a minimum of a 3 day a week program, stick with it, & wait on your results. Once you start seeing results, I can promise you that you will become a #FitnessAddict. #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitnessmen #fitnesschicks #fitmen #fitchicks #igfitnessmotivation #igfitness #igfitmen #igfitchicks #ebonyfitness #ebonyfitness #motivation #beconsistent #bepresistent #follow4follow #followme #fitjuve #ifollowback
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— (like&comment for a spam+rate) Adena M. Windsor A nineteen year old fuckup who's good for absolutely nothing. A bit stubborn and quite mischievous at times. Currently working as a cam girl. Which is basically an online therapist who gets naked. Family and friends is something she has always cared about. In fact, she has an older brother, three gorgeous children, and a nice group of friends that she loves very dearly. Sexuality has always been quite simple for her; she doesn't have any preferences between any gender. All genders are genuinely beautiful in her eyes. Before you ask, she is in fact single, but is not looking. However, she always enjoys meeting new people and making friends. Feel free to direct message her any time, she's not that awful.
😂 😍👏Be coming out looking like a debutante. Lol. Can't rush greatness, gotta let baby girl take her time and work her magic. #thiswouldbeme
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— " stay with me, don't disappear. to tell the truth, i need you here. i'm afraid, can barely breathe. i need your words to comfort me. "
"Introduction" - đŸ”±Portrayal; @StacyKeibler đŸ”±Date; 081817 đŸ”±Time; 6:40 PM __________ Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler born October 14, 1979 is an American actress and model, as well as a former cheerleader and professional wrestler, specifically known for her work with WCW and WWE. Keibler was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars: season two, where she placed third. She has also appeared on other ABC series such as What About Brian, George Lopez, and October Road, as well as the 100th episode of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother as a bartender and on the USA Network show Psych. Keibler has also modeled, appearing in both Maxim and Stuff magazines. She began her professional wrestling career as a part of the Nitro Girls in WCW. She quickly moved on to a more prominent role in the company as the manager, Miss Hancock. As Miss Hancock she was known for doing table dances, her relationship with David Flair, and a pregnancy angle. After WCW was purchased by WWE, she moved to the new company, taking part in the Invasion storylineand managing the Dudley Boyz. Keibler also managed Test and Scott Steiner. Before her departure she was affiliated with The Hurricane and Rosey and nicknamed "Super Stacy."
D o n e with everyone's B u l l s h I t. I don't care about your problems anymore if all you do is complain and not find a way to solve it. Fuck off #openrp
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