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"We find clarity in action" - @calvinwayman • • • • • It's taken a while for me to get over the mental hurdle of producing some sort of substantial video content. But that day has come and you're seeing it here first on the 'Gram. It's raw, it's real and it's my first time using Adobe Premiere Pro. Eeek. With 8+ years of network marketing experience under my belt, I know it like the back of my hand and so I wanted to create some content around the industry. If you've thought about it or are currently in network marketing, you may find value in the video. If not, that's okay too. 😉 So here's to the hustlers out there doing their thing and inspiring me daily. Stay wavy my friends. #hustlegangtour YouTube link in profile.
Speaking of #hustle... #fbf soft morning makeup for the gorgeous @tokyojetz of Hustle Gang 💙 #hustlegang #hustlegangtour #makeupbyme
For @bob ______________ Label: @empire Prod. Company: @motionminds Directors: kylelanceobrien / @mwgfilms VFX: @goodbyerobot
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