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Thank you for sharing your mind blowing story with me, thanx again to the @artists4israel organization for creating this incredible project #healingink and also a big shoutout to @bishoprotary and @baronesseast and everyone who was a part of it.
I'll admit, it was nice to turn a few heads on Friday. But hopefully, being at the Clifton Film Celebration and representing @rethinktrauma helped turn a few hearts too! If you missed the premiere of @healinginkorg's documentary, then you need to find an opportunity to watch it. They are helping survivors of violence reclaim their bodies through the empowering work of tattoos. #rethinktrauma #tattoos #healinginkisrael #cliftonfilmcelebration #cliftonartscouncil #cliftonva #vatourism #arts
The @healinginkorg project featured in @magazinemetalist, Israel's largest music publication. I bet that @bobtyrrell and @rickykeith - the two most music knowledgable people we know - are happy with that. #healingink #healinginkisrael #heavymetal #heavymetalmusic #metal #music #tattoo #tattoos
שוב סידרנו לכם קריאה לסופ״ש והפעם כתבה של יאיר אבלסון על פרויקט דיו מרפא שעוזר להתמודד עם פוסט טראומה בעזרת קעקועים. לינק ב-bio @niki23gtr @russabbott @bobtyrrell @meganjeanmorris @jessesmithtattoos . . . . #healingink #healinginkisrael #healinginkisrael2017 #tattoos #tattoo #tattoophoto #tattoophotography
The very first original film to be shown at the Clifton Film Festival. Note: they will be showing Farewell to Arms before us. #openingact - much love to @dillons_bridges @sguli @art_by_zero @lukewessman @talleymatthew @baronesseast @bishoprotary @gregmayorga_ @ladywilson @joecapobiancotattoos @stevesototattoo @razzoukwassim @alexey_inkdonkey @jimsylviatattoo and the team that made this happen! #healingink #healinginkisrael
Some interesting perspectives on the @healinginkorg project by @juncha #healingink #healinginkisrael video by @dillons_bridges
Pictures from the @aiww exhibit in front of which we had the honor, glory, privilege and blessings to tattoo. His work continues to inspire our own. #aiweiwei @israel_museum #israel #healingink #healinginkisrael
@alexey_inkdonkey wearing the #healingink shirt on Israel's biggest morning news show. #healinginkisrael #israel
Interviewed in front of @aiweiwei_studio @aiweiwei2016 selfie photo taken as being arrested by the Chinese authorities. Blown away to have this opportunity. #aiweiwei #aiweiweiselfie #museum #art #china @israel_museum @bishoprotary @healinginkorg #healingink #healinginkisrael #newspaper @yedioth #israel
@juncha took this incredible photo the morning we went to visit the Holy City in Jerusalem. I think it perfectly captures the spirit and energy of the people who come to that city either with faith or curiosity but who, regardless of their purpose, leave behind a piece of their light. @bobtyrrell @meganjeanmorris @russabbott @bigmeas @franco_vescovi @niki23gtr @jessesmithtattoos @sguli @bishoprotary #healingink #healinginkisrael
In #jerusalem we went to the The 4 Sephardic Synagogues to explore ancient Jewish history and to practice being a scribe with @kalmansafrut - these pictures by @dillons_bridges captures that moment perfectly with @niki23gtr @franco_vescovi @bigmeas @baronesseast #healingink #healinginkisrael #torah #bible #israel #quill #tattoo #tattoos #temple #sephardic #jewish #holycity
@bobtyrrell tattoos Lidor. Lidor was injured in combat trying to rebuff Syrian terrorists from entering the country. He was injured and he is still paralyzed in one leg. #israel #telaviv #boardwalk @mikesplaceisrael #tattoos #tattoo #tats #tat #healingink @bishoprotary @baronesseast #healinginkisrael
A couple days ago hanging on the beach in Tel Aviv. What an amazing trip man. And an amazing crew to spend the week with! I love going to places I haven’t been. Israel was an amazing place to see. @niki23gtr @bigmeas @artists4israel #chris @russabbott @healingink #healinginkisrael
@franco_vescovi and @baronesseast thank you both for that amazing gift 🎁 it was great experience for me ,to work with you guys !!! #healinginkisrael #artists4israel #bishoprotary
Second day of #healinginkisrael tattooing on the beach of Tel Aviv . So honored to take a part of that program. I tattooed Nadav , great person , was a pleasure..... 🙏🏼 thank @artists4israel !!!!! @bobtyrrell @alexey_inkdonkey @bigmeas @russabbott @juncha @franco_vescovi @Nikinorberg @jessesmithtattoos @baronesseast @dordlugatch @meganjeanmorris @bishoprotary @healinginkorg thank you all 🙏🏼
Nice setting for our second day of Healing Ink, tattooing outside with the beach in view across the street. I tattooed Lidor, a super nice dude. Was an honor and a pleasure bro! @artists4israel @healingink #healinginkisrael @intenzetattooink @cheyenne_tattooequipment @h2oceanproteam @sullenclothing @opustattoogloves @stencilanchored @juncha
In 2003, Shiri was with friends at Mike's Place, a popular, live music bar on the Tel Aviv beach when a terrorist exploded a bomb at the pub's entrance. Shiri's friend was killed instantly and Shiri survived but suffered severe burns across her whole body that required extensive surgeries. She then retreated into a lonely world due to intense PTSD that she only recently escaped through the healing power of art. @russabbott tattooed her yesterday with her favorite art tool at the scene of her attack. This is how you show survival and this is how you heal. #healingink #healinginkisrael #tats #tattoos #tat #tattoo @mikesplaceisrael #mikesplace #telaviv #telavivbeach #beach #israel #terrorism #terror @bishoprotary
Captured in news stories across the world including India, Nigeria, Israel, Malaysia, South Africa and, potentially, Tibet. Featuring art work by @juncha @razzoukwassim @niki23gtr and @alexey_inkdonkey on the cover as well as pieces by @bobtyrrell @franco_vescovi @meganjeanmorris @russabbott @bigmeas @jessesmithtattoos with our amazing partners @bishoprotary @baronesseast
Injured by a mortar attack, Boaz was in critical condition and needed 99% of his arm reconstructed and he is without a few of his fingers. Today, he received a tattoo from @bigmeas saying "Life Gives Us Trials We Can Overcome." #tattoo #tattoos #font #israel #idf #healingink #healinginkisrael
🇸🇪🇮🇱 I'm still in Israel volunteering in the @healinginkorg / @artists4israel project but I will not forget about the rest of the world. Forearm- @idatunare 👈🏼 . . #healinginkisrael #artist4israel #bishoprotary #bishopbrigade #nocturnalink #inkeeze #radiantcolors #lvxlight #niki23gtr #hasselbladx1d #hasselblad #tattoo #tatuering
🇸🇪 @danne077 getting some more done on his tattoos. This time just a quick fix on the lion & koi fish (not by me from the beginning). Top angel on the throat made by @oscarakermo . . . #bishoprotary #bishopbrigade #nocturnalink #inkeeze #radiantcolors #lvxlight #niki23gtr #girl #lion #koi #angel #hasselbladx1d #hasselblad #tattoo #tatuering . Also don't forget to check out the journey I'm on right now: @healinginkorg / @artists4israel #artist4israel #healinginkisrael
Muli served in the IDF for three years. He dealt with soldiers who, suffering from the effects of war, took their own lives. To this day, he is haunted by their memories. @jessesmithtattoos gave him a tattoo to help him heal and show that just as he supported so many others, now he is being supported too.
@franco_vescovi and @baronesseast thank you both so much for this wonderful gift. It is a great honor to receive such quality product from your hands. #bishoprotary #healinginkisrael #artists4israel #tattoo #tattoomachine #tattooing #laboroflove
An emotional moment as @juncha prepared to tattoo Shai M. Shai prevented a deadly terror attack from killing even more lives. Just part of the story here: "I wanted to tell you about someone, someone that I have been carrying with me for the past 15 years. This someone has brought me 15 years of either deep denial or endless pain. Her name was Ayat. In the short version of the story, she was the homicide bomber in a terrorist attack on March 2002 at the Supermarket in Kiryat Hayovel, Jerusalem. In the long version, Ayat was barely 18 years old, an outstanding student according to her teachers. In fact, her school portrays her as one of the most bright young girls there. But, Ayat had a secret, a secret for which she had committed this terrible act. Ayat was raped by a man, a man who was a Palestinian terrorist organizer. Rather than face dishonor in her family’s eyes, she was convinced to be used as a weapon to kill Jews. The rapist forced her to shoot a video taking responsibility for her actions.Ayat detonated a belt of explosives in front of a Jewish supermarket killing 5 innocent people. She took the life of Haim (Mino) Smadar, the Supermarket’s Security Guard who, by stopping her, saved so many more lives. She killed Racheli Levi, herself, as well as the baby growing inside Racheli’s belly. And, she took my life as I knew it."
Some of the artists at work today in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, covering the scars of terror victims and war heroes with living art. #art #isreal #jerusalem all photos courtesy of @garlicshimon
@healinginkorg @artists4israel #healinginkisrael . End of the 1st day . Thanks for everyone who take a part of that event and made it such a great experience for me
Today was totally amazing and surreal! I'm in Israel taking part in an amazing project called Healing Ink. Following a guided tour of the incredible @israel_museum, we set up in various rooms around the museum and tattooed our clients, who were all victims of terrorist attacks or conflict in Israel. My client is Hilla, she was seriously injured in a shooting attack and has scars all over her body. Her hope was to add something beautiful to her lower leg to help her feel more comfortable exposing her legs. It was pretty amazing seeing her reaction to this new tattoo. Well worth the trip! The room I'm tattooing in features the incredible artwork of Ai Weiwei. @aiww. I'll be tattooing once more in a couple of days. This time, we head to a nightclub in Tel Aviv that was attacked by a suicide bomber. Thanks to @artists4israel and @bishoprotary for making this all possible. Please be sure to keep up with the rest of the #healinginkisrael artists too @bobtyrrell @juncha @meganjeanmorris @niki23gtr @bigmeas @jessesmithtattoos and @franco_vescovi. Also joining us from Israel are Micha, Wassim, and Alexi.
The oldest tattoo shop in the world! Razzouk Tattoo since 1300 AD. The artist here is a descendant of the Pharos... in the following pics you can see wood block prints made out of olive tree. These stamps are 300-500 years old. The first tattoo stencils ever. Waassim, the owner, his great great great etc grandfather was a carpenter. But as a service to pilgrims who journeyed to Israel and wanted to prove it, he would tattoo a small design on them. A bunch of us got tattooed... @bobtyrrell got a sword, I got the Lion of Judah, and @niki23gtr got the Shepard 🤘🏻🇮🇱 #healingink #healinginkisrael
@russabbott practicing Hebrew calligraphy with parchment, ink and a quill pen. #healingink #healinginkisrael2017 #healinginkisrael #calligraphy #art
Tomorrow its on! First event in Jerusalem with @artists4israel @healinginkorg ! #healinginkisrael #inkdonkey
• Shalom from Jerusalem. We're here in Israel to tattoo survivors of terrorism and today we met the beautiful Kay Wilson. In 2010 she was stabbed by two terrorists 13 times with a machete, broke over 30 bones, 6 rib fractures and a crushed sternum while watching her friend Kristine Luken be butchered to death in pieces. After stabbing one attacker and playing dead, she hiked a mile through the forest to die where she found help and survived instead. Even after all this she doesn't identify as a "victim". She doesn't blame all Palestinian Muslims for the actions of a few. She doesn't blame God or rant on social media about life's problems. The one thing she does do every day is give gratitude for every second of every moment of her life. @artists4israel @israel_museum @mikesplaceisrael @bigmeas @bobtyrrell @franco_vescovi @jessesmithtattoos @meganjeanmorris @niki23gtr @russabbott @alexey_inkdonkey @m.fishman_ @razzoukwassim @bishoprotary @healinginkorg @baronesseast #healinginkisrael
Just flew to Israel tonight with this crew, we just got to Jerusalem now. This pic was leaving L.A. A quick one hour flight to San Francisco, a short 13 hour flight to Tel Aviv and we’re here! @franco_vescovi @baronesseast @juncha @artists4israel @healingink #healinginkisrael
The full line up of artists for Healing Ink Israel, 2017. We will be tattooing 25 of those who have been injured in terror attacks and war over their scars. We will help these survivors and heroes reclaim their bodies and begin healing themselves. We look forward to working @israel_museum and @mikesplaceisrael Thank you all. @bigmeas @bobtyrrell @franco_vescovi @jessesmithtattoos @juncha @meganjeanmorris @niki23gtr @russabbott @alexey_inkdonkey @m.fishman_ @razzoukwassim @bishoprotary @healinginkorg #healinginkisrael #healinginkisrael2017 #tattoo #tattoos #israel
Russ Abbott has re-created color theory and has designed color wheels that redefine the look of modern tattooing. His crazy 3 dimensional pieces makes the viewer look like they are diving into the wearer's body. Elated to have him and his heart, passion and creativity join us on this mission. @bishoprotary #healingink #healinginkisrael #healinginkisrael2017 #tattoos #tattoo #tat #tats #israel
Not many people know that the world's oldest still operational tattoo parlor is inside the gates of the Old City of Jerusalem. Wassim is the most recent member of the Razzouk family to tattoo Christian pilgrims coming to visit the Holy City, something they've been doing for the past 700 years. He is full of history and knowledge but also great spirit and joy. We are honored to work with him. @bishoprotary @healinginkorg #healingink #healinginkisrael #healinginkisrael2017 #jerusalem #holycity #oldcity #israel #tattoo #tat #tattoos
Megan Jean Morris is one of the rare female tattoo artists who stands out in this male dominated field. She has earned her place in the field due to her incredibly realistic pieces that draw on subtle colors to make them feel alive. Having appeared on Ink Master and Tattoo Titans, she continues to be a well known, celebrity face. Thank you, Megan, for joining us. @meganjeanmorris @bishoprotary @healinginkorg #healingink #healinginkisrael #healinginkisrael2017 #tattoo #tattoos #israel
Jun Cha is one of those artists that transcends the art form. When he releases new work, it is featured not just in tattoo magazines but in Hypebeast, Complex and other bastions of progressive youth culture. Jun is one of the most inventive artists working today, a distinction he has had since he was a teen, tattooing celebrity clients and owning a shop before he could even legally vote or drink. He is also a kind and giving soul who has been so generous as to share his talents and energy with us. We are beyond excited to have him with us. @juncha @bishoprotary @healinginkorg #healingink #healinginkisrael #healinginkisrael2017 #tattoo #tattoos #israel
Franco Vescovi is the owner of Bishop Tattoo Supply and Vatican Studios. Bishop is our partner in Healing Ink and Franco has been an inspiration since day one. His love and caring for all people and his faith are important elements that motivate our trips and which elevate our work. We are blessed to have him with us. @franco_vescovi @bishoprotary @healinginkorg #healinginkisrael #healingink #tattoo #tattoos #israel #idf #soldiers
Bob Tyrrell is one of the OG's of tattooing. He is constantly recognized for his contributions to the craft at international award shows and has been featured in LA Ink, London Ink and as a guest judge on Ink Master. There is no way to explain his respect and prestige in the industry. And, there is no way to adequately convey our appreciation for his support of our work. @bobtyrrell @healinginkorg #healingink #healinginkisrael #tattoo #tattoos
Niki Norberg, from Gothenburg, Sweden is the first international artist to join our trip. His realistic style is intense, magical and shockingly life-like. Privileged to have him join our program. @niki23gtr and thank you to our partner @bishoprotary @healinginkorg #healingink #healinginkisrael #tattoo #tattoos #tat #israel
When people want to commemorate a date, time, quote or piece of writing that moved them through a difficult time, they want it done with a style that matches that sentiment. They want to feel the words. @bigmeas will be providing such powerful tattoos on our heroes and survivors. We are humbled by his decision to join us on this trip. Thank you. #tattoo #tattoos #healingink #healinginkisrael with our amazing partner @bishoprotary @healinginkorg
Jesse Smith has already shown us his passion and generosity as part of this program. Jesse, who many will know from Ink Master, Seasons 2 and 7, is one of the masters of new school tattooing, using his quirky, colorful, cartoon like images to beautify the bodies of those injured in war or terrorism. We are honored to have Jesse on this trip with us. @jessesmithtattoos #healingink #healinginkisrael #tattoo #tattoos #israel with our amazing partner @bishoprotary @healinginkorg
Honored to officially announce #healinginkisrael 2017. Taking place from October 6 to October 15 and tattooing Oct. 9 at the @israel_museum and Oct. 11 at @mikesplaceisrael . Artists will be announced one at a time beginning today!
The artists and tattoo recipients for #healinginkisrael have been finalized. Will be announcing them throughout the week. #healingink #tattoo #tattoos #tats #bodmod
Another amazing artist that we will have the honor of tattooing in front of: Marcel Duchamp #duchamp #marcelduchamp #cubism #dada #conceptual #art #healingink #healinginkisrael
This is Shai. He is one of the 20+ heroes and survivors we will be tattooing at part of #healingink #healinginkisrael - Shai was directly hit by a Hezbollah missle from Lebanon. He was put into a coma for two weeks and the news announced his death. He was miraculously brought back to life and is, more than 10 years later undergoing a long rehabilitation process both physically and emotionally.
Sharing Ben Goor Levy's reactions a year after #healingink #healinginkisrael 2016 @talleymatthew @baronesseast Ben Goor Levy from Healing Ink Israel, 2016 shares his thoughts a year after Talley Matthew gave him a tattoo to help ease his pain. His story in the comments. I would like to thank you guy's at artists4Israel For this amazing Gift you gave me, especially to you Craig, Sgula and ovcorse the artist my main Man Talley matthew who made this amazing pice of art on My Chest. You guys helped me close a circuit from my first time in Lebanon 1999 When I got my first tattoo to feel stronger and more connected to the night it was an Evil Moon… After I came back from the second time in Lebanon at the 2006 Lebanon war I got PTSD. I felt that I must complete this feeling with a Good tattoo that will balance the first one and then I have heard on the Program. Thank you Love you this tattoo really made me feel much better and balanced after that and been tattooed by the amazing hands and skill of Talley was the best I could wish!!! Thank you again and again all of you at Artists4Israel you helped another person in this world heal himself thank Love you all Ben Goor Levy 😊
Avi is one of the heroes participating in Healing Ink Israel. Avi was wounded in 1986 at the conclusion of the swearing-in ceremony for new soldiers at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. This was supposed to be a beautiful time. Instead, two terrorists threw three grenades into the group. One hit Avi's chest, fell to the ground and exploded at his feet. More of Avi's story as part of the Healing Ink Israel 2017 program. #healingink #healinginkisrael @healinginkorg @sguli @dillons_bridges @baronesseast #tattoo #tattoos #tats #israel #portrait #portraitphotography #blackandwhitephoto #jerusalem
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