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I am 6 protons, 6 electrons, 6 neutrons. The carbon that makes #melanin The same #melanin the universe is made of. I'm a beast! ⛈⛈⛈ I feel good in my own skin. Darkness is good!
Son sıcak havalarda fırsat buldukça pratiğimi doğada yapmasam mı😏 Güzel havaların tadını çıkardığımız hafta sonları.😇 Son zamanlarda sık sık ne zamandır spor yaptığım soruluyor. Şöyle ki; Çocukluğumdan beri spor hep hayatımdaydı. Babamın her akşam ( @aslblge hatırlarsın😏)"haydi spor zamanı" çağrısıyla kendimi çok küçük yaşlarda spor yaparken buldum. Karate, basketbol, koşu, fitness derken son 3-4 yıldır zihin ve beden bütünlüğünün bir arada olduğu (yoga, pilates) pratiklere yöneldim. Çok da güzel iyi oldu tamam mı😁 Wearing @koton
My heart will always beat to an African drum. I will never forget my roots. I will see you soon #ghana
Beautiful practice with beautiful people.. What an amazing morning we had, thank you so much for coming out🙏 Today Tadasana was our grounding posture we called home, we kept coming back to it to listen our heart beat, calm our breath and feel the connection that we have with the earth. Remember that home is not a place or a posture it's a feeling. There is a place inside of us that is called home where we feel safe, grounded, loved, happy and connected, you can always tap into that.. Lav always. Namaste. #home #happy #safe #grounded #practice #yoga #connection #sunrise #yogis #akrabaruthotel #antalya #antalyayoga #namaste
Balance is a great essential oil to starry the day with. Put into soles if the feet along the spine or back of neck to help you feel grounded. Perfect for Librans like me who need to find more balance #balance #essentialoil #grounded #happy
Be bold!
Grounding is important to feel and experience ourselves #holistic way. Mindfulness helps to be here and now, connect to your body, #emotions, impulses. I love to use #imagination in my practice and this is a good exercise to be #grounded. Slow down while walking, imagine, that you have roots, growing out of your feets deeply to the ground (here I often remember the moment in the Lord of the Rings, when trees were walking). Try to feel the Earth and how deep your roots connected to everything on it. Catch the sensations of wind/sun/snow/rain on your skin, #breath deeply, being aware of the smells. Stop, #relax your shoulders, open your chest, close your eyes for a bit, imagine, that you look at yourself from a mountain, sky, another planet, from the Universe perspective. Experience the whole world around you with all your #sensations. Then slowly cone back to your body, open your eyes, walk slowly, still feeling your "roots". // If you have another exercises for grounding, please, share! Sharing is caring! 🌟💛 #artpsylab #artpsypro #mindfulness #grounding #instarelaxation #igljubljana #instamindfulness #mindful #čunečnost #instagood #feelgood #instapsychologist #onlinepsychology #lifecoaching #творческийпсихолог #осознанность #sharingiscaring #коучинг #selfsupport #selfhelp #samopomoč
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