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Puerto Rican avocado makes the local one seem a bit tiny😎 Thank you @mnbootcamp !!!! #avocado #puertorico #gift #gratitude #guacamole #food #fresh #love
I wish I could start every morning with this much space to breathe✨ #gratitude #silence #reflection
Finding length. _________________________________________________ Loving this variation of triangle lately. Reaching the top hand overhead brings so much opening and length to the side body. Day 19 of the @yoga_girl #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirlchallenge
GIMMMMIE DAT KETO NIGHTCAP 🌙✨ Better S L E E P 💤 who doesn't need that?! Especially after these past few days of go go go go. I've literally never slept so SOUND and woke up feeling so REFRESHED as I have been lately. Oh and it tastes like hot chocolate? Sign me up 🙋🏼 I'm going to keep sleeping like a baby 👶🏼 you can do the same OR you can keep tossing and turning and missing out on the good stuff ✌🏼 Hit me up, babes & let's chat ketones 💋
Live in the now..... find a quiet corner and be still . #liveinthenow #gratitude #embracesilence
A gratidão traz tantas coisas boas que não sobra tempo pra pensar em coisas ruins! 😉🙏🙌 #gratitude #gratidão❤🙏
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